Academic Dismissal Petition Process

What is the process to Petition at Northwest Vista College?

Students petitioning to return from Academic Dismissal need to complete the following:

Students must plan on attending Northwest Vista College. Petitions are only reviewed if you will be enrolling as a Northwest Vista student. Students wishing to petition at a different Alamo College must submit the petition to that institution.

Click here to view the Academic Dismissal Checklist

  •  Students must have an active application for the semester you are submitting a petition.

    • Students must not have any holds on your record other than the Academic Dismissal hold. 
    • Students will need to submit a new application and complete all admissions requirements prior to submitting a packet
    • Enrollment process for Returning/Transfer Students
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you are under the age of 22, state law now requires you to provide proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination. For more
      information visit   


  • Attend the Pre-Petition Information Session

  • Complete the P.A.S.S. Student Orientation

    Coming soon for Spring 2020 Petitioners......

  • Submit the Dismissal Petition Packet

    • Students must turn in a completed packet and reflection statement by Academic Standards Email @ your Aces email is preferred as it is possible that your packet may and in the spam folder if sent through your personal account.
    •  Incomplete packets will be returned for corrections, and need to resubmit once corrections have been made. Packets may take 1-2 business weeks for review depending on the high volume of packets received.
    • Please check your email frequently for updates regarding petition status.
    • Please review the Academic Dismissal Petition Requirements Page before you submit your packet.
    • For Transfer student, please attached your official transcript when you submit your packet.
    • Academic Dismissal Packet for Fall 2019 are no longer available. Please check back November 1st for packet information.


  • Attend the Dismissal Interview

    • All other holds must be cleared before your dismissal interview can be scheduled.
    • The Academic Standards Team will email you once to schedule your dismissal interview steps 1-4 have been completed.