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Academic Dismissal Petition Process

What is the process to Petition at Northwest Vista College?

Students petitioning to return from Academic Dismissal need to complete the following:

Students must plan on attending Northwest Vista College. Petitions are only reviewed if you will be enrolling as a Northwest Vista student. Students wishing to petition at a different Alamo College must submit the petition to that institution.

Click here to view the Academic Dismissal Checklist 

  •  Students must have an active application for the semester you are submitting a petition.

    Students who have not been enrolled within twelve (12) months of their petitioning semester are required to complete the Admissions process. This step must be completed first in order to proceed with the remaining petition process steps. You may view information on how to complete the Admissions process online at

    • Students must not have any holds on your record other than the Academic Dismissal hold. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you are under the age of 22, state law now requires you to provide proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination. For more information visit

     The last day to submit an application for admission for the Fall 2020 sixteen week semester was Monday, August 3rd, 2020. Applications submitted after August 3rd will not qualify for the fall petition process.

  • Complete the Academic Dismissal Petition Information Form

    Once you have completed the admissions process, you may proceed with the next step, which is to fill out and submit the Academic Dismissal Petition form online.. The form is important as it will ask you the following information which will be utilized give you the best possible experience with our dismissal process.

    • Preferred Contact Number
    • Preferred days, times and method for your Dismissal Interview
    • Program you will be pursuing if approved

    The form is able to be submitted online, and you will receive an invitation to the course via ACES email within 48-72 business hours. No additional emails will be sent unless there was an issue regarding being added to the course.

    Academic Dismissal Petition Information Form -is no longer available for fall 2020.                   

    The last day to submit a completed Petition Information form for fall was Monday, August 3rd, 2020.

  • Complete the P.A.S.S. Canvas Course

    Once you have submitted the Academic Dismissal Petition Information form online, it will be reviewed by the Academic Standards team to ensure the admissions steps are completed. You will then be added to the Canvas course where you will receive information about the following:

    • The Petition Packet Requirements
    • The Dismissal Interview
    • What will be expected of you as the student if your petition is approved
    • Transfer-Returning Student Orientation to Northwest Vista College

    Upon completion of the canvas course, you will be able to submit your petition packet.

    Students will be added to the course beginning Wednesday, April 8th, 2020. The last day to be added to the PASS Canvas course is Wednesday, August 5th, 2020. Only students with completed applications and submitted Information Forms will be added to the Canvas course.

  • Submit the Dismissal Petition Packet

    Packet packets will be accessible and submitted through the Canvas course upon completion of all the modules. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access and complete the forms. A free version of Adobe is available here. When you are submitting be sure that your packet:

    • Is completed in full- incomplete packets will not be considered eligible to move forward to the Dismissal Interview.
    • Reflection Statement and Packet are typed- do not submit handwritten documents.
    • Transfer Students (Non-Alamo)- be sure to include a copy of your prior college transcript with your petition packet.
    • Please check your ACES email frequently for updates regarding your petition status.
    • For more information on the Petition Packet, please review the Academic Dismissal Petition Packet Requirements page

    Note: Submission of incomplete packets will delay the petition process, as you will not be able to be scheduled for a Dismissal Interview until a completed packet has been resubmitted. Depending on the volume of packets received, it may take 1-2 business weeks for review. In order to ensure you are able to complete the petition process by the deadline, it is recommended that you begin the process early, and complete each step as soon as possible. 

    The last day to submit the completed petition packet and reflection statement is Friday, August 7th by11:59 pm.

    The last day to complete steps 3 and 4 is Friday, August 7th by 11:59 pm.

  • Attend the Dismissal Interview

    If your packet was submitted in full, you will be contacted via email to schedule your Dismissal Interview. Dismissal Interviews will begin Wednesday, April 15th,2020 and will conclude Friday, August 15th, 2020. Some things to consider:

    • Interviews are scheduled in order of submission- on a first-come, first served basis.
    • In order to ensure you are guaranteed an opportunity to conduct an interview session with an advisor you must complete all portions of the Dismissal process by the priority deadline: Thursday, July 30th.
    • Missed interviews without prior notification will result in an automatic denial of your petition for the semester.