Non-Alamo Colleges Dismissal

Dismissal from another College/University

I was dismissed /suspended from another College or University. My advisor told me I need to complete hours at a Community College in order to transfer back.

If you are transferring to Northwest Vista College after being dismissed from another school (to include other colleges from the Alamo Colleges District), you will need to complete the Academic Dismissal process prior to being eligible to enroll in courses. The process includes:

Ensuring that you have an active application for admission on file
Attending a Pre-Petition Information Session
Submitting a Petition for Waiver of Academic Dismissal. Petition packets for the Fall 2019 semester will be available after April 30, 2019.
Attend a Dismissal Interview with a Certified Academic Advisor (by appointment only) 

The Certified Academic Advisor will determine your eligibility and help you prepare a plan of action. 

Petitions for Waiver of Academic Dismissal are only accepted for the spring and fall 16-week semesters. We do not accept petitions for the summer or Flex semesters. 

Please be aware that submission of a petition does not guarantee approval.

If you are planning to transfer back to your previous institution, we highly recommend you discuss the following items with your current advisor prior to enrolling at NVC: 

  • How many credit hours do I need to complete successfully before I can transfer back?
  • Are there any specific courses that I should enroll in first while attending Northwest Vista College?
  • How will the courses I take at NVC impact my GPA there once I transfer back?
  • Once I have met all the necessary requirements, what is the process in order to transfer back?

 Click here to obtain a Petition Checklist to keep track of all required steps.