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The mission of the Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness Office is to create a culture of evidence to support NVC’s strategic and operational planning processes and institutional assessment activities. This is accomplished by collecting and maintaining data for analysis and reporting.  

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Among the top 25

 community colleges in the nation for Hispanics by Hispanic Outlook

Ranked 1st

 among Texas community colleges from 2017 rankings at

FALL 2017

 16,752 enrolled students

 1,910 college level classes offered

 1,289 college students first time and full time

Hispanic Serving Institution

with 74% of undergraduate students from minority groups in Fall 2016

Average of 3,212

 dual credit students over the last 5 fall terms


 5,523 awarded Pell grants

 3,265 awarded Associate degrees and certificates

 50% transfer out rate

Quick Facts 2017