What is the Army ROTC Program?

Army ROTC assists students to develop their full leadership potential through instructor lead classroom training, and cadet led leadership field exercises covering anything from basic rifle marksmanship to rappelling.

What you learn in Army ROTC can help you not only in the military sector, but is a great asset in any civilian career as well. Some of the top leaders of this country are ROTC graduates. They are a testament to the training that you will receive and give as an ROTC cadet.

Army ROTC is just like any other elective you will take as a college student. It consists of weekly classroom instruction and one lab meeting per week. The program is designed to be a four-year program with the first two years being the basic course; the last two years are the advanced course.

You can enroll in the basic course with no obligation to the Army or the program.  The basic course teaches the principles of leadership and fundamental military skills, while introducing you to the U.S. Army and officer career opportunities.

The advanced course provides extensive training and experience in decision making, officer ethics and professionalism. Advanced ROTC includes a five-week leadership training camp between your junior and senior years.

How does ROTC fit into your schedule? 

If you missed the first two years, the Two Year Program offers management training as in the Four Year Program, but at an accelerated rate. You will start with Leadership Training Camp, a four-week paid summer program that is equivalent to the basic course. Then you’ll continue into the Advanced Course during your last two years of college.

Does ROTC Qualify for a monthly stipend? 

Army ROTC contracted cadets earn a monthly allowance ranging from $300 to $500 to help cover day-to-day expenses. 

What does the Army ROTC program give you? 

As a college and ROTC graduate, you’ll be serving as an Army officer, either full time on active duty, or part time while you begin your civilian career. After Army ROTC, problem solving, team building and decision making will be second nature. Plus, you’ll have the self-assurance of knowing you pushed yourself to the limit, and beyond. With experience like this, there won’t be anything in your career you can’t handle. They’re top performers in academic fields – from engineering to nursing, business to liberal arts.

Not just anyone joins Army ROTC! 

Army ROTC cadets are leaders on campus; they’re athletes, and band members. They’re active in fraternities and sororities, campus government, community service, and intramural sports. In short, they’re the students who will be in the greatest demand by employers when they graduate.

How do I get started? 

For more registration information contact Buck Kellogg at UTSA by phone 210-458-5628 or email

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