NVC President's Office Business Council

President's Office Business Council


To help create opportunities for success at Northwest Vista College through collaboration, partnerships, mentorship, marketing and financial support.


Northwest Vista College will be the leading model of collaboration among businesses, organizations and educational institutions in San Antonio.

Shared Philosophy

  • Align with the Chancellor’s moonshot to decrease poverty in San Antonio.
  • Increase philanthropic support to help advance access to higher education through scholarships and innovative programmatic support. 
  • Provide life-changing gifts that help students come in, stay in, and achieve their dreams of a college education.


Opportunities for POBC Members to Partner:

  • Speaking Opportunities

    1. Keynote Speakers Summer 2021 NVC Leadership Cohort Series for 18,000 + Students: The POBC & NVC Student Life Department are partnering to present 7 events this summer online that is open to all currently enrolled 18, 000 NVC Students. Would you like to be a speaker or panelist?

    2. Keynote Speakers for Student Involvement Fair and Career Fair Fall 2021. If you would like to share information about your business, NVC will also host 2 fairs in the Fall. Employers are invited to have a virtual booth.

    3. Keynote or panelist for NVC Faculty/Staff Convocation Friday, August 20, 2021: Would you like to discuss how the NVC POBC will champion the Institutes, and the different internships. externships, job shadowing, and apprenticeships the POBC is creating?

    4. Keynote for NVC Faculty/Staff Employee Development Day in October: Would you like to discuss what our industry partners and community members are looking for when students graduate and enter the workforce?

    5. Commencement Keynote or Celebration Tunnel May 2022- Would you like to submit a video congratulating our students, donate swag items to the graduates and the graduates’ families, or participate in the graduation celebration?

    6. Shark Tank Fall 2021- If you would like to partner with our NVC business faculty to judge student entrepreneurs, please let us know.

  • Opportunities to Provide Internships

    Students need field experience and experiential learning. They are seeking to contextualize their career path with actual jobs in San Antonio.

    Would you be willing to have a student learn from your organization through an internship?

    • Spring 2022 - Fashion/Personal Shopper Internship with the NVC Advocacy Center/Clothing Pantry

    • Your business can work with students approximately 10 to 12 hours per week for the 16-week semester. Internships can be paid or unpaid. The internships will be offered as part of a course in the program – BMGT 2388 Internship – Business Administration and Management.

    Here is a description of the course:
    A work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory skills and concepts. A learning plan is developed by the college and the employer to include but not limited to:

    1. Administrative support for the company
    2. Shadowing specific personnel for learning purposes in a call center, retail or other
    3. Business environment
    4. Greeting customers and answering phones
    5. Assisting with projects and or coordination of events
    6. Observe and/or assist on budgets or financial documents
    7. Observe and/or assist on cash register or cash handling
    8. Performs other duties as assigned
  • Job Shadowing and Similar Opportunities

    Students are interested and curious as to what types of jobs are available in their majors. They are seeking to connect what they are learning in their courses to what a career in the field would entail.

    • Would you be willing to have a student learn from you for ONE day this Fall?


    Students need field experience and experiential learning. They are seeking to contextualize their career path with actual jobs in San Antonio.

    • Would you be willing to have a student learn from your organization through an apprenticeship?


    Students need field experience and experiential learning. They are seeking to contextualize their career path with actual jobs in San Antonio.

    • Would you be willing to have a student learn from your organization through an externship?

    • Veterans externship available through GM Financial

    Job Board: Handshake

    Find jobs, internships and connect with employers.

  • NVC President’s Office Business Council (POBC) Career Coaching Program

    “If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.”

    - J. Loren Norris

    Click Here for the Career Coach Application

    (Download, complete, and email to: Dr. Lisa McGoldrick, lmcgoldrick2@alamo.edu)


    Welcome to the NVC Business Leader Career Coaching Program!

    The goal of the NVC President’s Office Business Council (POBC) Leader Career Coaching Program is to connect students and business partners to enhance the educational, professional, and ethical development of NVC students and provide an opportunity for leadership to the business community. The Business Leader Career Coaching model provides a learning experience for our students outside of the classroom, so they experience what is expected in the working world. The coaching relationships are meant to be:

    • professional in nature
    • allow students to explore possibilities via the experiences and advice of their business coach
    • offer an opportunity for professional development (internships), networking (facility tour), and an exchange of ideas between seasoned professionals and the next generation of workforce
    • help business coaches enhance their leadership and mentoring skills
    • identify potential future employees

    Get to Know the Class:

    • Discuss your background
    • Discuss your goals for the semester
    • Ask students about their educational endeavors and history
    • Complete the Business Coaching Student questionnaire

    Business Leader Career Coach Role:

    1. Exchange contact information with your instructor that allows each of you to be in contact quickly.
    2. Establish with your instructor the dates and times of your four sessions for the semester. The timeline is ( late August – early December). If there is difficulty with scheduling or contacting your instructor, please keep us apprised.
    3. Your total time commitment is about six to eight hours for both preparation and presentation.
    4. Provide students with your experience and knowledge regarding your educational and professional career journey.
    5. Each meeting should have a specific topic for discussion. Decide with your instructor what topics are of most interest to you or topics for which you can provide the most insight.
    6. Conversations between students, coaches, and instructors are confidential.
    7. For your personal safety, face-to-face meetings with students should transpire in public places.
    8. Should you need to miss a session, please contact your instructor in advance, if possible, and try to reschedule.
    9. If you are having challenges with your instructor, please contact Dr. Lisa McGoldrick, lmcgoldrick2@alamo.edu (252) 626-3361.
    10. Discussion Topic Suggestions (but are not limited to) Career Goals, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Goal Setting, Financial Literacy, Communication Skills, Diversity, Ethical Challenges, etc.

    Career Conversations:

    • Discuss and have the class list their talents, skills, and educational interests
    • Discuss the role of educational preparation in your field
    • Discuss how personal and professional life fit together and are challenged
    • Discuss the possible challenges transitioning from school to work
    • Research with the class job resources for future reference
    • Create work scenarios that allow students to brainstorm solutions to a problem
    • Present about a variety of work environments and styles and explain how each works differently and yet toward shared goals
    • Share insights regarding individual work values impact career choices
    • Provide an article book for students to read and discuss it in class
    • Host an event to introduce and discuss proper business etiquette
    • Set- up a company tour or Career Shadow day

    Financial Literacy:

    • Create a sample budget worksheet
    • Discuss the importance of establishing credit and maintaining a healthy credit score
    • Review a pay stub and discuss concepts such as salary vs. hourly wages

    Resume/Interview Exercises:

    • Provide feedback on a resume and/ or cover letter
    • Share your resume
    • Provide a copy of your business job application and have the students fill it out, then discuss
    • Assist the students in completing a job application
    • Have class create an e- portfolio
    • Practice mock job interviews
    • Suggest or compile a list of contacts the students could benefit from talking with about their career or educational interests

    Ethical Decision Making:

    • Explore everyday ethical dilemmas and have students decide how they would respond
    • Give examples of workplace and educational scenarios that allow students to explore options

    Student Forms:


Board Members

Shelah Simmons | Chair; CEO, PhD.

Shelah Simmons

Shelah Simmons
Chair - President's Office Business Council

Shelah Simmons offers proven leadership as an innovative professional with 36 years of leadership experience. She's a serial business owner, philanthropist and community activist. She executes through a combination of skills in human resources, operations management, strategic planning, entrepreneurial management development, information technology and project and change management strategies. The result is effective consultation aiding bottom-line decision making for her clientele. As Chairperson of the President's Office Business Council she endeavors to increase community collaboration with NVC and support student success.


  • CEO Genesis Professional Solutions
  • CEO Manifold Foundation Group
  • Sub-contractor Management Team Lead for 700 million dollars in state and government contracts. DOD, NASA, Homeland Security, and numerous others. (for-profit)
  • Board of Directors Chairperson overseeing and appropriating 39 million dollars in state/federal and private grant funded projects (non-profit)
  • Serves in various Board of Director positions
  • International Cohesive Core Leadership team member
  • Certificated Project Manager
  • Certified Life and Professional Coach (Since 2006)
  • Lecture for various organizations (colleges, business, and forums)
  • Highly skilled at collaborating with groups and individuals from diverse environments
  • Strong ability for coaching entrepreneurs to a level of success by providing outsourced leadership and innovative strategies
  • Proven ability to work in unison with staff, volunteers, and board of directors
  • She is also a STEAM professional
Kenny Vallespin | Vice Chair; Vice President The Bank of San Antonio

Kenny Vallespin

Kenny Vallespin
Vice President - The Bank of San Antonio
Vice Chair - President's Office Business Council

Kenny Vallespin is a man of faith, with a heart to serve. He is married to his beautiful bride, Diana Vallespin, for over 12 years and has 2 beautiful daughters, Kathrynn and Kalista. Kenny served a Sergeant in the US Army for 4 years in the Communications field and another 4 years in the Texas National Guard on Active Duty overseeing the Human Resources department.

After his time in the Military he pursued higher education, receiving an Associate’s Degree in Business Management, a Bachelors Degree’s in Professional Development, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry & Theology from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. He also received a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Finance and Health Care Management from Colorado Technical University.

Kenny has been a part of building churches throughout the Philippines and has taken multiple teams from America to the Philippines for conferences, providing goods and services to poverty stricken parts of the Philippines. Kenny started in ministry while still in the army in 2006 as he became a youth pastor on the Southside of San Antonio, and has been on fire to spread the Gospel ever since!

He is proud to serve on the Pastoral team at Summit Christian Center, and is honored to serve the community by spreading good news. In addition to ministry Kenny is the Vice President of HR for The Bank of San Antonio and serves on multiple non-profit boards around the city. He is a proud pastor and marketplace leader!

Rosantina Aranda | VP Frost Corporate Banking


Rosantina Aranda
Vice President, Frost Corporate Banking

As a relationship manager, Rosantina Aranda serves the borrowing and financial needs of business owners and their companies in Frost’s San Antonio region.

Thirty years of banking experience have given her insight into both lenders’ decision-making processes and business owners’ credit needs. She applies this knowledge to each client’s loan request, offering advice that helps move qualified applications to approval with minimal delay.

A native San Antonian, she knows the city’s business climate and has been an active participant in various Chambers of Commerce. She is also a founding member and past board chair of the NVC President's Office Business Council.

A mother of two, she is interested in causes that support youth development in the city and has served in leadership positions with the local Boy with a Ball nonprofit organization and United Way.

Carolyn Sartori | VP Consumer Services for GM Financial in San Antonio, TX

Carolyn Sartori

Carolyn Sartori
Vice President, Consumer Services for GM Financial in San Antonio, TX

Originally from New Hampshire, Carolyn attended Keene State College, where she completed degrees in Business Administration and English before moving to Boston, MA and then Colorado Springs, CO. Carolyn has worked as a leader in operations since 2000 for several institutions and locations in North America. 

Carolyn has been with GM Financial since 2006 where she lived and worked in Charlotte, NC as a leader within the organization. In 2013 she was promoted to Assistant Vice President at the Chandler AZ location and moved to San Antonio, TX with her family in 2016 to establish and lead GM Financials newest operation center - located next door to Northwest Vista Collage. Carolyn currently leads company strategy and initiatives to optimize portfolio and center performance.

"Since our arrival in San Antonio it was clear that working with NVC was going to be a huge benefit to GM Financial. Since 2017 we have hired over 500 team members into the center – many who have attended or are currently attending local colleges and universities. As an employer and a member of the President’s Office Business Council (POBC) we are working to create partnerships that give students additional guidance and resources from within our own local business community. Our partnership is one that we continue to value as we work together guiding students towards graduation and career preparedness."

– Carolyn Sartori 

Amber Ringo | VP Consumer Services for GM Financial in San Antonio, TX

Amber RingoAmber Ringo
Vice President, Consumer Services for GM Financial in San Antonio, TX

Amber Ringo has been Vice President - Consumer Services since June of 2019. She oversees performance for the San Antonio Servicing Center and strategic execution of Company initiatives. This includes cultivating departmental and individual employee development to reach business efficiency and growth. She is a promoter of community investment and instills the importance of committing resources to university relations and local non-profits.

Previously, she served as Assistant Vice President – Servicing Operations, a role she assumed in September of 2013. Ms. Ringo joined GM Financial in July of 2003 as a part of the Arlington Servicing Center. During the 17 years, she has worked for several business operations across the North America organization.


Aisha Thomas

Aisha ThomasAisha Thomas

Aisha Thomas is an Organizational Development & Leadership Consultant and Professional Speaker. This award winning Executive Trainer aims to develop leaders and teams to improve resiliency, workplace culture, emotional intelligence and diverse talent management. She has excelled in multiple leadership roles, managed numerous high performing teams, and developed leaders from the first tier to executive level. As a Senior Leader in the United States Air Force, she has proudly served her country during peacetime and global conflicts. Aisha’s solution based approach has been recognized for improving organizational breakdowns and practices. She also is a staple in her community by developing the next generation of leaders, today’s youth. Aisha has reached thousands nationwide and continues to transform multiple industries and individuals one solution at a time.

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