Math Advocacy Center (JH-308)

We want you to come by, like us, leave with confidence, and succeed in your math course! 

What can this math lab do for me?

You can come to the Math Advocacy Center (MAC) in Juniper Hall, Room 308 to receive one-on-one tutoring for all of your developmental math courses and the following college level math course. Additionally, you can ask for math advising, complete an exam, use the computers for homework and much more. 

You can use all of the services we offer free of charge, except for printing. Printing must be paid for with a GoPrint online account. 

How do I get help?

Walk-ins are encouraged and appointments are not required. Once a tutor is available, you can receive a thirty (30) minute tutoring session and you are guaranteed five (5) tutoring sessions for your course. This service is available for Northwest Vista College students.

While we will do as much as possible to help you succeed, your tutor cannot not help with a quiz or take-home exam.  

What resources are available?


We have a variety of handouts covering:

  • Prime Factorization and Divisibility
  • Unit Conversion
  • Translating Algebraic Sentences
  • Solving and Graphing Linear Equations
  • Factoring Polynomial
  • Solving and Graphing Rational Equations
  • Finance Mathematics
  • Statistics, Logic, and many more topics 

What if I don’t know which math class to take next?

The Advocate and the staff in the MAC can help:

  • give you advice if you are wondering about the next math course you should be taking 
  • give you an override if you are interested in a special sequence of math courses 
  • provide counseling if you are considering dropping a course
  • and once you have decided on your math course, we can help you register 

Tutoring Services

The primary purpose of the Math Advocacy Center (MAC) lab is for students to receive one-on-one tutoring for any developmental math course and any college algebra course offered at Northwest Vista College. 

In these thirty (30) minute sessions, our goal is the help students understand the basic concepts of the topics needed for them to complete their assignment. While our tutors will do as much as possible to help the student succeed, the tutors will not complete an assignment for the student.

Typically, students are limited to five (5) tutoring sessions for a given math course. For students taking a flex course, the student can receive five (5) sessions for each course for a possible total of ten (10) visits.

This service is freely available for Northwest Vista College students. Students can either setup an appointment for a future visit or visit the lab in Juniper Hall, Room 308 (JH 308) have the next available tutor assist them. 

Math Advising and Counseling

The Math Advocacy Center is the home base of the Advocate for the Mathematics Department. The Math Advocate’s role is to offer the following:

  • advice to students who are wondering about the next course they should be taking 
  • overrides for students interested in a special sequence of courses 
  • counseling for students who may consider dropping a course.

To drop a course in any other discipline please contact that Academic Area/Department or Enrollment Services.  

Math Course Testing Services

Under special circumstances, math instructors can make arrangements for you to complete an exam or quiz in the Math Advocacy Center. 

You are expected to bring your Alamo Colleges District ID in order to receive an exam or quiz. Alternative photo IDs (e.g. Driver's License, Military ID, or a government issued ID) are also accepted.

For other testing services (placement tests, AP, CLEP) visit the Testing Center webpage. 


The Math Advocacy Center is an Accredited Tutoring Service Program through the National Association for Developmental Education ( NADE)”. Additionally, all of our tutors are CRLA certified and knowledgeable in mathematics.

*Lab hours will be as shown throughout the Fall and Spring semesters unless the school is closed for an official holiday