Transfer Services

Planning to Transfer?

It is never to early to start transfer planning. If you are thinking about transferring, there are things you can do right now to insure a smooth transition:

  1. You can start your journey toward successful transfer by researching possible colleges/universities, their degree programs and admission requirements.
  2. Visit colleges/universities; most have campus visit days throughout the semester. (even virtual)
  3. Meet with your academic advisor to plan your coursework for your selected transfer institution.
  4. Attend NVC Transfer events.


Transfer Advising Guides

Transfer Advising Guides were created to provide a guided pathway of courses that a student will take before they transfer. Please see the Advising Guides by University specific to your program and transfer university to gain insight on course recommendations, program requirements and guidance on when we recommend you transfer. 

Use the Transfer Advising Guides to get the most of your educational experience and plan a seamless transfer:
  1. Complete the Texas Core Curriculum....Transfer Core Complete!
  2. Complete your Associate Degree....More opportunities!
  3. Complete Courses Transferrable Toward Your Major & Degree at the Transfer Institution.