Student Activity Fees

NVC Student Activity Fee Information:

NVC Student Activity Fee Process and Guidelines

Request for NVC Student Activity Fee funding in support of Extracurricular/Co-Curricular programming

Funding Guidelines for Student Travel


  • The Student Activity fee is based off student college credit hours. Students are charged $3 for per every credit hour they are registered for each semester.
  • The Student Activity fee monies are used to support our students with different initiatives to include yet not limited to: leadership, clubs, organizations, sports, fitness, wellness, on/off campus activities, speakers, events and more!
  • The fee committee is composed of 5 voting student members and 4 voting faculty/staff members and alternate student members
  • The majority vote of yes/no must come from the student members

Allocations for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

Allocations for Fiscal Year 2018-2019

Student Activity Fee Committee Meetings:

Next Meeting: Nov. 9th 10:30am  HH 218 


Recent Meeting Minutes:

Sept. 14th 2018

Oct. 12th 2018

Nov. 09th 2018

Feb. 08th 2019

Mar. 08th 2019, Mar.22nd, 2019 and Apr. 12, 2019 (Budget Meetings)


Student Activity Fee Committee Members:



2 year

Natalie Ramos

2 year

Sergio Terrazas

2 year

Stephen Burrell

1 Year

Marianna Garza

1 Year

Robert Gilbert

Student Alternate

Haley Prashar



Faculty/Staff Alternate Carla Greszler-Gomez 


Cristina Pandaru


Catherine Gonzalez


Sandra Lopez


Calvin Fogle


Daniel Johnson


Marie Morgan


Kelly Blanco


More Information:

Please contact Kelly Blanco or Marie Morgan for more information.

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