Student Activity Fees

NVC Student Activity Fee Information:

NVC Student Activity Fee Process and Guidelines
Request for NVC Student Activity Fee funding in support of Extracurricular/Co-Curricular programming
Funding Guidelines for Student Travel


  • The Student Activity fee is based off student college credit hours. Students are charged $3 for per every credit hour they are registered for each semester.
  • The Student Activity fee monies are used to support our students with different initiatives to include yet not limited to: leadership, clubs, organizations, sports, fitness, wellness, on/off campus activities, speakers, events and more!
  • The fee committee is composed of 5 voting student members and 4 voting faculty/staff members and alternate student members
  • The majority vote of yes/no must come from the student members

Allocations for Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Allocations for Fiscal Year 2020-2021

Student Activity Fee Committee Meetings:

Meeting Times: 11am-12pm

Meeting Location:  Zoom Meeting ID is:134 396 432


Upcoming Committee Meetings (Open to public)

Feb 4th 2022

March 4th 2022

March 11th 2022  (OPTIONAL IF NEEDED)

April 1st 2022 

May 6th 2022 

June 3rd 2022 

Past Meetings Notes:

Aug 27th/Sept 3rd 2021

Oct 1st 2021

Nov. 5th 2021

Student Activity Fee Committee Members:



Student 2 year

Arianna Elizabeth Casimiro

Student 2 year

Danielie Williams

Student 1 year

Olivia Kimbrell

Student 1 year

Joycette Lara

Student 1 year

Diane Guzman

Student Alternate

Diane Guzman

Student Alternate

Alexander Jones

Student Alternate

Thomas Perez



Sandra Lopez


Cristina  Pandaru


Daniel Johnson



Non-Voting Co-Chair

Marie Morgan

Non-Voting Co-Chair

Kelly Blanco


More Information:

Please contact  Marie Morgan or Kelly Blanco  for more information.

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