Vista Central: Admissions Team

Meet Our Team: Vista Central Enrollment Coaches

Our Vista Central Enrollment Coaches are available to meet with students remotely on a "walk-in" basis, or you may contact them by email.

Are you currently a high school senior at one of the high schools listed below?

Yes, Find My Enrollment Coach

  • Boerne Champion
  • Boerne High School
  • Brandeis High School
  • Brennan High School
  • Churchill High School
  • Clark High School
  • Communication Arts
  • Harlan High School
  • Harmony Science Academy
  • Health Careers High School
  • Holmes High School 
  • Irene Chavez Excel High School
  • John Jay High School
  • Marshall High School 
  • O'Connor High School
  • Reagan High School
  • Southwest High School 
  • Southwest Prep – Northwest
  • Stevens High School
  • Taft High School
  • Warren High School

Not a current high school senior or my school is not listed above? Please contact your assigned enrollment coach based on your Last Name (see below).



Shirley Pena
Enrollment Coach

Last Names: A-C

Last Names: Q-S



Delilah 220.jpg

Delilah Salazar
Enrollment Coach

Last Names: D-F

Last Names: N-P



Elizabeth - 220.jpg

Elizabeth Murray
Enrollment Coach

Last Names: G-J


Lorenzo - 220.jpg

Lorenzo Lopez
Enrollment Coach

Last Names: K-M




Valerie - 220.jpg

Valerie Acosta 

Enrollment Coach

Last Names: T-Z