Course Drops and Withdrawals

Prior to Census

  • Students may drop course(s) prior to Census date (See Academic Calendar for dates)  by logging into ACES
  • The dropped course will not appear on Transcripts
  • Visit to Admissions if you cannot access the drop area 

Steps to Drop Class(es)

* Note: Students cannot add/drop online in ACES during Enrollment Management Period, which is one week before classes start. For extenuating circumstances, call the department during this period to drop/add classes.

After Census

  1. Log in to ACES
  2. Click on Student tab
  3. Click Web Services
  4. Click Student
  5. Click Registration
  6. Scroll and Click on Course Withdrawal
  7. Review your Student information
  8. Follow Six Course Drop Ruling
  9. Follow steps to withdraw from a single class or from all courses (Institutional Withdrawal)
  10. Ensure all questions are answered throughout the form and complete the Acknowledgment
  11. After you click Submit, a note appears that indicates the Withdrawal request has been received
  12. Check you Alamo ACES e-mail for notifications

Steps to Complete Withdrawal Request


A student dropped for excessive absences, resulting in lack of progress, may be reinstated to class at the discretion of the instructor of record only if circumstances justify reinstatement.

The appropriate reinstatement form must be signed by the faculty member and submitted to Admissions and Records Office.