Copyright and Internet Use Policy

Copyright Information

There are many sites that have been created to guide educators in the use of Copyright. These are a few of the most used sites. Please refer to our policy for more information about Course Reserves and Copyright at the NLC Library. For information about Copyright and Fair Use in distance learning environments, see our page about Copyright and the TEACH Act as well as our Copyright LibGuide. The Alamo Colleges District Legal Services Copyright F.A.Q. can be found at this link.  As the interest in open educational and open access resources increases, you may find the LibGuide on these topics helpful as well.

Internet and Workstation Accessible Use Policy

The Library's Internet and Workstation Accessible Use Policy is based on the district's acceptable use policy.

Priority use of our workstations is for course-related research/coursework and personal research. Users that are not actively engaged in research for their NLC, NVC, PAC, SAC, or SPC courses or related coursework may be asked to relinquish their workstations at heavy use times. The NLC Library staff reserves the right to make judgment calls on the appropriate use of its workstations. Children under the age of 16 may not use the library's workstations unless a parent or guardian is directly supervising usage. Students enrolled in the Judson Early College Academy are considered to be NLC students.

Laptops can be loaned for on-campus use to currently enrolled NLC and Alamo Colleges students and NLC and Alamo Colleges employees who are in good standing with the library. Verification of current employment and current enrollment will be necessary. Devices must remain on campus property and are not allowed to circulate outside the Library's hours of operation.

To minimize unnecessary use of district computing resources, gaming and downloading of music files is prohibited. Changing workstation settings, including software loads and presets, is prohibited. We ask that our users be courteous to others while using the library and its resources and that users abide by copyright law and licensing agreements. You may check out a pair of headphones at the circulation desk if you require listening to sound files on Library workstations.

In addition to accessing the Internet, the Library's workstations also provide access to Microsoft Office Suite software.