Information Literacy

The focus of our Information Literacy program is on helping students acquire the skills to search for, evaluate, and use information effectively and efficiently. The Library offers hands-on instruction sessions on library research which is tailored to courses, assignments, and students' research topics. Instruction sessions will use the full class time. 

We use active learning in our instruction to engage students and improve learning. Information Literacy sessions are available for both traditional face-to-face classes and online classes. Traditional classes meet in our Library classroom NLIB 124 and online classes receive instruction via Zoom.   

We ask that you give us sufficient time to prepare for your classes with a minimum of one week's notice for classes in the Fall and Spring semesters and 3 days notice in Summer.

NEW!! Mini-Information Literacy Sessions

Don’t want to have a full hour-long session for Information Literacy for your class? The Library is now offering mini-sessions in Information Literacy. This consists of a 15-minute instruction class to show students how to locate their general course guide and general information on finding resources for their project. The Faculty tab will be created on the general course guide for your department. Here we can offer helpful tips and links for your students based on their assigned research papers or projects.

If you wonder why we stress the importance of information literacy for our students, here are a few research articles that speak to that reason.