Take the TSI from Home


You can now take the TSI assessment from home through Examity!

Examity is an online service provided by an outside source contracted with College Board’s Accuplacer/TSI Testing program. They offer their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by appointment.

This service is available to students who are unable to take the TSI Assessment at Northwest Vista College during regular testing hours. The Examity option may be for you if:

  • You live a far distance from our location
  • You work during the times the TSI Assessment is offered

Examity charges a $25 (plus taxes) Proctoring fee – paid when you schedule an appointment. This cost is in addition to Northwest Vista College’s TSI Assessment fee (paid separately). Visit our TSI page to view the cost of the TSI Assessment.

Informational Video Provided by Examity


If you would like to pursue the Examity option, use the following steps as your guide:

1. Enrollment at Northwest Vista College

Complete the necessary enrollment steps prior to testing (See the Enrollment Checklist)

  1. Complete an Apply Texas Application for Northwest Vista College.
  2. Access your Student ACES Portal and complete the following modules:
    • Go FAARR
    • Test Prep
2. Make sure that Examity is right for you

It is important to confirm that Examity is the right fit for your testing needs.

Contact Examity via phone at 1-855-392-6489  (855-EXAMITY). You may create an Examity account by clicking here.

  1. Be aware that Examity charges a $25 Proctoring fee. This cost is in addition to Northwest Vista College’s TSI Assessment fee (paid separately).
  2. Confirm that you meet their technical requirements.
  3. Verify a virtual proctor is available when you want to take the TSI Assessment.
  4. You can make your appointment at this time or wait until you get your TSI Assessment Voucher Number.
  5. Next you MUST move onto Step 3 (seen below) in order to submit your Request to NVC for a Testing Voucher. You will not be able to take the TSI through Examity without completing this step.
3. Initiating Your Voucher Request with NVC

If you have decided to move forward with Examity Proctoring Service, you MUST complete a request with Northwest Vista College. This will need to be done at least 3 business days prior to the appointment date you’ve set with Examity. The request form can be found by clicking here. 

  1. Complete this form in order to notify us of your decision to utilize Examity
  2. Once your request is received, the Testing Office will send you an email with instructions for payment.
  3. Make the payment and provide the Testing Office with confirmation of payment.
  4. When your payment has been confirmed, a TSI Assessment Voucher number will be created and sent to you. The voucher will be required upon your scheduled test date with Examity Proctoring service.

*Note: If you have not already made an appointment with Examity, this would be next.

4. On the date of your appointment

You will need to have the following items with you:

  1. Valid Picture ID
  2. Testing Voucher number

*Note: Examity may have additional requirements. Be sure to communicate with them to determine what these requirements may be.

5. After you test

The Testing Office will contact you within 48 hours after the completion of your TSI Assessment regarding your next steps towards registration.