About the Peace Center

The San Antonio Peace Center has been a visionary peace and compassion leader both locally and globally since 1994. Under the founding leadership of Rosalyn Falcón Collier, Susan Ives, and Ann E. Helmke, the San Antonio Peace Center has grown into a renowned organization that offers a wealth of programs and initiatives for the greater San Antonio area.

In 2022, The San Antonio Peace Center officially made its home at Northwest Vista College. This move allowed the center to renew its vision and mission with the support of NVC and the Alamo Colleges District. The center also collaborates with the Alamo Colleges District Office of Art, Culture, and Community Impact and other community groups to promote peace and justice in San Antonio.


Our Mission:

To create a more just and compassionate world through education, advocacy, and community collaboration.

We do this through a variety of programs and services, including:

  • CompassionateUSA--a national campaign to promote compassion as a critical skill and value in our personal and social lives.
  • Partnerships with other local, national, and international organizations that work toward the collective goal of promoting greater compassion, peace, and justice in the world.
  • Workshops and retreats that focus on compassion-related skills, collective trauma and collective healing, restorative justice, and community advocacy.
  • Supporting and developing educational opportunities and offerings through the Peace and Conflict Studies program at Northwest Vista College and other initiatives within the Alamo Colleges and through partnerships with other educational institutions and organizations.
  • Ongoing engagement in community organizing, grassroots activism, and justice-oriented activities.



Guiding principles:

  • Deep listening
  • Resiliency
  • Community Collaboration
  • Liberation
  • Golden Rule
  • Connection
  • Self-reflection
  • Equity
  • Gratitude
  • Kindness
  • Love


Pillar One
Academic/ Education

Pillar Two
Advocacy/ social change/ transformation

Pillar Three
Community and National Impact
People development
Collaboration/ formation/ Partnerships