Peace Laureate


The San Antonio Peace Laureate is a voice of wisdom and experience to speak for peace, justice and compassion.

The Peace Laureates:



2023 Peace Laureates:

- Rev. Anne E. Helmke
- Susan Ives
- Rosalyn Falcon Collier

Previous Years:

  • 2022:  San Antonio Food Bank, Dr. Junda Woo of San Antonio Metro Health, and Dr. Rev. Kenneth Kemp, from Antioch Missionary Baptist
  • 2021: Circle School.Jackie Claunch and Cary Clack were the Golden Rule Recipients.
  • 2020: Cappy Lawton, G.P. Singh & Lionel Sosa (watch video)
  • 2019: Patricia Castillo, Rebecca Flores & Nickie Valdez (watch video)
  • 2018: T.C. Calvert & Mario Salas (watch video)
  • 2017: Dr. Rajam Ramamurthy (watch video)
  • 2016: Fr. Ron Rolheiser
  • 2015: Rosie Castro
  • 2014: Rabbi Samuel and Lynn Stahl
  • 2013: Sr. Martha Ann Kirk & the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word
  • 2012: Imam Omar Shakir
  • 2011: Patty & Rod Radle
  • 2010: Jane and Charles (Woody) Tuck (both deceased) (watch video)
  • 2009: The Rev. Dr. Claude Black (deceased)
  • 2008: Dr. Ruth Lofgren (deceased)



2020 Peace Laureates

2020 San Antonio Peace Laureates: Lionel Sosa, G.P. Singh & Cappy Lawton


The Blessing of the Peacemakers

The laureate is announced at the annual Blessing of the Peacemakers on the last weekend of January, the inaugural event of the annual Season for Nonviolence. They serve for a year, until the next Blessing. Their names are engraved on a peace pole in the courtyard of the Whitley Theological Center at Oblate School of Theology, where the annual ceremony is currently held.