Program Type: Face-to-Face
Program Level: Degrees, Certificates, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Social Sciences
Institute: Science & Technology
College: NVC

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About the Program

Psychology students at Northwest Vista College benefit from exceptional service, scholarship, and research opportunities.  Northwest Vista College’s Psychology Department is one of only a few community college psychology departments worldwide that offers its students: hands-on volunteering experiences within a major metropolis, the ability to join a nationally-recognized psychology honor society (Psi Beta), and participation in original scientific research.  Student participation in original scientific psychological research is extensive—and includes authorships and presentations at national research conferences.  This unique undergraduate experience gives our Northwest Vista College psychology graduates competitive edges in transferring to universities of their choice and the job market.


Available Courses:

Course Descriptions

PSYC 2301/General Psychology

PSYC 2306/Human Sexuality

PSYC 2307/Adolescent Psychology

PSYC 2308/Child Psychology

PSYC 2314/Lifespan Growth and Development

PSYC 2316/Psychology of Personality

PSYC 2317/Statistical Methods in Psychology

PSYC 2319/Social Psychology

PSYC 2320/Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 2330/Biological Psychology

PSYC 2389/Academic Cooperative

Current Awards

Degrees and Certificates


Unique Opportunities

Northwest Vista College Psychology Day (Fall Semester)
For details about attendance and participation, contact Trina Cowan at and see

Northwest Vista College Psychology Club (Spring and Fall semesters)
For details about participation, contact Trina Cowan at and see

Honor Society for Psychology Students, Psi Beta (Spring and Fall semesters)
For details about participation, contact Amanda Squires at and see

Conducting Psychology Research (Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters)
For details about participation, contact Don Lucas at and to see examples of previous research, check out:

Attending the annual meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association (Spring and Fall semesters)
For details about participation, contact Don Lucas at and see

Northwest Vista College Psychology Department Scholarship for Psychology Majors (Fall semester)
For details about participation, contact Catherine Phillips at and see “NVC Psychology Department Scholarship Winners” and "Application Process for the 2023 NVC Psychology Department Scholarship" sections below


NVC Psychology Department Scholarship Winners

Rachel Nevarez
Zach Walborn

Faith Blincoe
Megan Davis
Emily Garza
Araeyna Rodriguez

Trinity Garza
Teresa White

Ashley Schultz
Jharean Martinez

Veronica Leonard
Diana O’Connor

Andrea Arredondo
Jett Davidson

Luz M. Vazquez
Matthew J. Wheeler

Arlene Jones
Leonard Redelk Sias, Sr.

Emiliano Saldana

Alexandria Carrasco
Elysia Ritchey


Alicea Bonnema
Amanda Rios

Alisa Caban
Jennifer Van Ness

Kimberly Bocanegra
Angela Garcia

Ruben Medel
Amanda Rivas


Application Process for the 2023 NVC Psychology Department Scholarship

Psychology Department Award

  • Earn $500 toward your psychology degree


Psychology Department Award Eligibility Criteria

  • Psychology major
  • NVC designated as your home college
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Minimum of 15 and a maximum of 45 credit hours earned at the time of application
  • Currently enrolled for a minimum of 3 credit hours


Psychology Department Award Submission Requirements

  • Write an essay addressing your aspirations in the psychology field and how these aspirations will benefit humankind. The essay should also describe your plan to achieve these aspirations.
  • This essay should be no longer than 1500 words in length
  • Cover letter (with relevant contact information, including your Banner ID)


Submission Instructions

  • Submit your essay and cover letter to Dr. Catie Phillips
  • Deadline to submit is October 23, 2023 at 11:59pm



Links of Interest

American Psychological Association

Association for Psychological Science

NVC Psychology Department Facebook page

Psi Beta

Southwestern Psychological Association


Faculty and Staff


Brandi Barrera 

Trina Cowan 

Anna Marie Evans 

Jennifer Fox 

Zach Hanich

Roque Caesar Heredia 

Don Lucas 

Erica Montanye 

Catherine Phillips 

Paulo A. Reyes 

Steve Schriedel 

Amanda Squires 

Kristin Sramek 

Liz Wright 

Patricia Zapata 



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