SAC Honors Academy Program

About the Honors Academy Program

The SAC Honors Academy Program offers college courses in core subjects that every student will need for a bachelor's degree in Texas. 

Dedicated professors and advisors work one-on-one with students and guide them through academic, transfer and career goals.

Honors Academy Program students receive a first-rate college experience during their first two years at a fraction of the cost of a four-year college or university.

The Honors Academy Program provides the following opportunities:

Honors Academy Crest

Access to Honors Academy Center 
Dedicated academic advisor 
Early registration to secure the right classes at the most convenient times
Transfer, scholarship and financial aid workshops

Collaboration with UTSA Honors College
Automatic acceptance to UTSA Honors College (must complete Honors Academy Program with distinction)
Learning communities
Writing-intensive courses
Leadership development

Experiential learning
Undergraduate research
Diversity/Global learning
Service learning/Community-based learning

Capstone courses and projects
Professor-lead study sessions
Tutoring from peer mentors
Field trips
Guest speakers


The Honors Academy Program is open to high school graduates or college freshmen with less than 15 hours of college credit. High school graduates must have a minimum of 3.25 GPA (85/B) and college placement scores of 351 in college level reading, and 364 in college level writing with a minimum of 4 on the essay. College freshman must have a minimum 3.25 GPA.

Equity Statement

The Honors Academy Program supports and values equitable education by promoting non-discriminatory practices, considering the full range of human diversity with respect for all forms of human difference. 


Contact us:

Professor Laurie Lopez Coleman, M.A., Director
Chance Academic Center 122
1819 N. Main Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78212
Phone:  (210) 486-1100

Cassandra Tamez, Certified Academic Advisor
Chance Academic Center 122
Phone: (210) 486-1428

Make an appointment with Cassandra for advising, check out schedules and calendars, scholarships and transfer information through the Honors Academy Blog.

Fall 2019 Schedule

  Monday and Wednesday Tuesday and Thursday
8:00-9:15 AM EDUC 1300 HIST 1301
9:25-10:40 AM ENGL 1301
SPCH 1321
EDUC 1300
PHIL 2306
PSYC 2301
10:50 AM-12:05 PM   HIST 1301
PSYC 2301
ENGL 1301
12:15-1:30 PM HIST 1301
ENGL 1301
SPCH 1315
1:40-2:55 PM PHIL 2306  

Registration Ends: August 18
Classes Begin: August 26

Click on the application link below to apply.

Honors Academy Application


Anderson, Erik, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
Phone: (210) 486-1104
Office: CAC 310
Bueno, Marianne, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History
Phone: (210) 486-1104
Office: CAC 314
Coleman, Laurie Lopez, M.A.
Professor of English, Director
Phone: (210) 486-1100
Office: CAC 122

Focht-Hansen, Jane, M.A.
Assistant Professor of English,
Writing Center Liason
Phone: (210) 486-1436
Office: GH 202

Irvin, Lennie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English,
President of Faculty Senate
Phone: (210) 486-0672
Office: GH 223D

Lucchelli, Jim, Ph.D.
Professor of Student Development,
Faculty Sponsor Phi Theta Kappa
Phone: (210) 486-0152
Office: MLC 621

Ramos, Lisa, Ph.D.
Assistant Professer of History,
Coordinator of MAS Program
Phone: (210) 486-60761
Office: CAC 100

Serafine, Amelia, Ph.D.
Instructor of History
Phone: (210) 486-1695
Office: CAC 312 

Slonaker, Terri, M.A.
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Phone: (210) 486-1333
Office: CAC 136E

Tune, Dustin, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Phone: (210) 486-1722
Office: OC 226

Wallis, Dehlia, M.S.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: (210) 486-0776
Office: MLC 614