Strategic Planning and Performance Excellence

The Strategic Planning and Performance Excellence (SPPE) department's role is to serve and coach leaders to integrate strategic planning and organizational improvement for the achievement of performance excellence throughout ACD.

Integrated Planning

Integrated means that no part of the planning process takes place in alone from the other parts.

Integrated planning shows an organization's complete planning and control system.

The three parts of integrated planning are:

  • the strategic plan
  • the action plan
  • the results management processes.

ACD Integrated Performance Excellence Framework - Simple Version

The integrated performance excellence framework for the Alamo Colleges District points all colleges and district support operations units to strengthen the connection between the strategic plan, the action plans, and the budget.

The framework requires the integration of strategic and action planning with a process where performance is evaluated, controlled, reported, and improved.

Taking corrective action involves improving actual performance, adjusting the performance standard (target), or both. Performance reports, including scorecards and dashboards, bring closure to action plans.

The alignment and integration of strategic planning, performance budgeting, and performance measurement are critical to ensure student success at the Alamo Colleges District.

Strategic Planning Retreat

The Alamo Colleges organizes strategic planning retreats to ensure the participation of our stakeholders in strategy development and decision making.

Environmental Scan

Environmental scanning is the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data and information about the organization's external environment.

Environmental scanning and SWOT analysis are important tools for the formulation of strategies, the sustainability of the strategic planning process, and the adaptation of the organization to competitive and other external forces.

The ACD environmental scan is available for ACD employees via our Alamo Share intranet.


Below are helpful resources and glossaries:

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