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It is the mission of student development to provide a community environment that is holistic to growth and development of students in all areas of their college experience. We strive to provide programs and services that optimizes transformative student learning and leadership; builds a safe and supportive campus; fosters the emotional growth and personal development of students for a lifelong commitment to personal and social responsibility, and makes a positive contribution to the overall student experience.

About Student Development:

Student Development courses assist students in their transition to college. These courses provide essential information about Northwest Vista College's policies and procedures, as well as strategies for academic and lifelong success.

Student Development courses can help you:

  • Raise your Grade Point Average
  • Be an effective decision maker
  • Improve performance on exams with better test-taking skills
  • Make reading a meaningful experience
  • Handle note taking challenges
  • Create strategies to deal with the expectations found in college
  • Explore/identify a major suited to your interests, values and plans
  • Face the university experience with greater confidence
  • Recognize your developing personality and strengths
  • Grow in personal development as a college student


Department Policies

First-Time-in-College Students with fewer than 15 earned college credit hours are required to take either the EDUC 1300 Learning Frameworks course or SDEV 0370 Foundations College Learning course. *Special Note: Dual Credit hours do not count towards the 15-hour requirement.

Students must complete EDUC 1300 or SDEV 0370 by earning a final grade of “C” or higher to pass.

Students who do not pass the EDUC 1300 or SDEV 0370 course, must retake the course.

A third attempt of EDUC 1300 will result in a “Three-Peat Tuition” charge. To learn more about “Three-Peat Tuition Costs”, please click here


  • Summer Office Hours

    First Saturday of the Month:
    (Except June & July)

    SDEV Main Phone:
    SDEV Department Email:

    Fall & Spring Office Hours

    5:00pm-7:00pm remote
    First Saturday of the Month: 
    (Except June & July)

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  • EDUC 1300 – Learning Frameworks
    A study of the 1) research and theory in the psychology of learning, cognition, and motivation, 2) factors that impact learning, and 3) application of learning strategies. Theoretical models of strategic learning, cognition, and motivation serve as the conceptual basis for the introduction of college-level student academic strategies. Students use assessment instruments (e.g., learning inventories) to help them identify their own strengths and weaknesses as strategic learners. Students are ultimately expected to integrate and apply the learning skills discussed across their own academic programs and become effective and efficient learners. Students developing these skills should be able to continually draw from the theoretical models they have learned.

    *Special Note: EDUC 1300 is NOT intended for Education/Teaching Majors.

    SDEV 0370 – Foundations for College Learning (3 credit hours)
    This is a first-year seminar course designed to support the transition of students into their college experience. Students acquire a clearer understanding of college requirements, campus culture and resources. They will explore career paths, examine personal motivation and develop study skills common to successful college students. SDEV 0370 will meet the requirement for SDEV 0170. Required of students having fewer than 15 college level credit hours (not to include dual credit), and needing course work in developmental areas based on entrance test scores. Student must receive a grade of C or better to successfully complete this course.

    SDEV 0171 – Strategies for Success (1 credit hour)
    Prerequisites: SDEV 0170 or SDEV 0370

    This course is designed for the academically at-risk student needing to improve skills for academic success. Topics covered in this course include, but are not limited to: time/priority management, study techniques, motivation, goal setting and decision making, critical thinking skills, learning styles, stress management, career planning, and interpersonal skills. Required of students placed on Academic Dismissal, Permanent Academic Dismissal and/or Financial Aid Suspension. Recommended for students on Continued Academic Probation. Student must receive a grade of C or better to successfully complete this course.

    Learn more at this link: Catalog Course Descriptions and Pre-requisites

    SDEV 0170 – College Success (1 credit hour)
    This course is for the new student transitioning to college. Course topics include, but are not limited to college resources, time management, note-taking, degree plans and transfer strategies, campus culture, career exploration, and college policies and procedures. Familiarization with these topics contributes to students’ personal and academic success. Required of students with fewer than 15 credit hours, except dual credit, at the time of first enrollment at the college.

  • Reflections on Journeys

    This class has been so helpful and a great learning experience. I wish this type of course had been a requirement in my home state, maybe I would have stuck with it? Who knows. I am grateful that I was "forced" to take this class. The lessons were extremely useful. They will continue to be useful throughout my college career. I would change nothing about how this class is laid out.

    - Barnes

    The two things we covered in class that I found most helpful was time management and the four types of learning styles. I have never been great about managing my time, so having a class that taught me different techniques, that I could use, really helped. Now, I try to set a schedule every day so that I can manage my time more effectively. When it came to the module about the four different types of learning styles, I was surprised because I hadn't even heard of them before. I found out that I was a kinesthetic learner which allowed me to explore different options of study.

    - Louis

    There is more to college than making sure you register on time and get your work in. Through this course, I have learned that there is more to learning than reading a book and taking lecture notes. One module I was especially thankful for was the Learning Styles module. I always thought of myself as a physical, hands-on learner. There is some truth to that, I learn better through doing things. I discovered that I learn best through visuals: color coding notes, graphs, etc. Putting this knowledge into my studies afterwards, I could retain information much better.

    - Lola

    This class helped me look into my career, and I now am confident that it is perfect. I know what path to take towards my dream with little debt as possible. I loved the module that allowed me to put what I want in life, and see if my career would be enough income. Becoming a Registered Nurse, is the perfect income for my family. I would do everything the same in hopes of other students gaining the same knowledge as I did.

    - Andrea


Frequently Asked Questions

I have an SDEV Registration Hold on my account. How do I remove it?

Contact the Student Development department by email at for assistance.

Why do I have to take EDUC 1300 Learning Framework or SDEV 0370 Foundations College Learning?

These courses are mandatory for First-Time-in-College students or those with less than 15 earned credit hours. *Dual Credit hours do not count toward this requirement.

What is the difference between EDUC 1300 Learning Framework and SDEV 0370 Foundations College Learning?

Students who score a 341 or higher on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) examination should register for EDUC 1300. Students who earn a 340 or below should enroll in SDEV 0370.

*If you have any questions about your proper placement in these courses, please contact the Student Development Department at

Both courses cover time management, study skills, goal-setting, educational goal planning and more.

EDUC 1300 Learning Framework requires more academic writing assignments, deeper study of learning theories, information literacy and developing an electronic portfolio of your academic work.

SDEV 0370 Foundation College Learning focuses on learning campus support services and improving academic performance.

Should I enroll in SDEV 0171?

This course is designed for the academically at-risk student needing to improve skills for academic success.

Students should contact NVC Academic Standards Advising if you need assistance with SDEV 0171 registration:

Can I take Student Development courses online?

Yes. We offer courses in fully-online, remote and hybrid formats.

What if I want to take my Student Development course in-person?

We offer early morning, daytime, evening, weekend, and Kerrville, TX campus courses.

Why was an SDEV hold placed on my account in the middle of the semester?

Any students who are not passing EDUC 1300 or SDEV 0370 with a “C” or better at midterm, will receive an SDEV hold on their registration accounts. To enhance retention, the Student Development Department supports the Early Alert system. The purpose of the system is to identify students earning an average below a “C” at midterm in the semester.

How do I remove a Midterm or Final Grade hold?

Contact your EDUC or SDEV course instructor once you are passing with a “C” or better, asking the instructor to contact the Student Development Department staff.

What is considered a passing grade for EDUC 1300 or SDEV 0370?

To successfully pass EDUC/SDEV, students must earn a “C” or better. Please check the course syllabus for your instructor’s grading scheme and your Canvas account for your grade information.

Do I have to take SDEV 0270 or EDUC 1300 if I have 15 or more earned Dual Credit hours?

Yes, dual credit hours are not considered for this course requirement.

What if I passed a similar freshman seminar course at another college?

Contact the Student Development department at to verify equivalency of the courses.


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