General Information

Check Regulations

The Alamo Colleges reserves the right to convert a personal check into an ACH. During the acceptance of a personal check the storefront discloses a statement that all personal checks will be converted into ACH transaction and will be processed electronically. In addition the receipt provides written notice of this disclosure.

Returned Check Policy

Immediate restitution of funds must be made when a check is returned by a bank for any reason. The Alamo Colleges reserves the right to convert a returned check into an ACH. In addition, the district will charge a $35.00 administrative fee for all returned check items. It is discouraged to use a personal check to pay for a return check.

In the event a returned check is not paid by the end of the semester grading period, the account becomes delinquent and consequently will be released to one of the external collection agencies. Any fees assessed by the agency will be the responsibility of the student.

Stop Payment

Stopping payment on a tuition check does not constitute an official withdrawal from the college and will be considered as a NSF item. Official withdrawals must be processed through the Office of Admissions and Records.

Three-Peat Tuition Costs

Due to state legislation passed Spring 2005 (HB994, Sec3), the Alamo Colleges will no longer be reimbursed by the state for courses taken by students who have attempted the same course three or more times previously (which includes courses taken that result in a grade of "W"). Therefore, the tuition for such a "three-peat" course will be the current cost for out-of-state tuition.

Testing Fees

Testing Fees can be paid online using our Alamo Colleges Marketplace Mall. Payments accepted through Market Place Mall are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and electronic check. Please visit the Testing Department Website before you go online* and make a payment.

*See Steps to Pay for Testing Online

Refund to Credit Cards

When a refund is preferred to be applied back to a credit card used to pay tuition; please contact the District Business Office. This manual process will require an email to any of the following employees. Please include on the subject line of your email: Credit Card Refund and Banner ID.

Instructional Materials

Beginning Spring 2015, Alamo Colleges’ students will pay an instructional materials charge for math classes where the materials are currently required. Rather than requiring materials purchase after class starts, the student will incur the charge at the time of registration and the materials will be provided the first day of class. The course schedule will identify which classes have an instructional materials charge. 

Student Processing Fee

New student flat fee of $100.00 for transfer and transient students in first semester of attendance.

Implementation of $1.00 per-student, per-semester International Education Fee for a Study Abroad Scholarship Program effective FY2018.
The Board approved the implementation of $1 per-student, per-semester International Education Fee to support study abroad scholarship program effective FY 2018 for the purposes of providing scholarship opportunities for all students to engage in International Education programs.

Campus Access Fee

All students in the Alamo Colleges District pay a Campus Access Fee which also covers parking at any of the Alamo Colleges District campuses, off-site locations or district offices. No sticker or decal is distributed.

For students, the fee of $25 per semester is included when they pay their tuition and fees each semester, with the maximum fee paid not to exceed $50 per year