Build a Mushroom Scarecrow w/Central Texas Mycological Society

Date: September 27, 2023

Time: 5:00 PM

Location: 218 Garcia Street

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Garcia Street Urban Farm will be hosting a Market Stand with a special event: Build a Community Mushroom Scarecrow! We'll use mycelium from mushroom blocks, straw, and other organic materials to grow into a thriving farm guardian.

Mushroom Blocks: We're bringing a supply of mushroom blocks to take home. Mushroom blocks are a nutrient-rich byproduct of mushroom farms that's used to regrow gourmet mushrooms and enhance soil health, and promote plant growth. RSVP on so we know how many blocks to bring.

Sustainability Education: Learn about the environmental benefits of using blocks in your garden. Discover how blocks can reduce landfill waste, improve soil structure, and enhance your garden's productivity. From composting techniques to mulching and soil amendment strategies, you'll leave with a wealth of knowledge.

Scarecrow Building: Roll up your sleeves and let's build a majestic mycelium scarecrow. We'll use mycelium from mushroom blocks, straw, and other organic materials. In late October come back to the farm and see our scarecrow myceliating, and fruiting oyster mushrooms!