Alamo Colleges District Family, your Foundation needs your support. Help us continue to make a difference in the success of our students and community. Here are ways you can get involved and support the Foundation's mission.

  • Employees Giving Back

    Your support of Alamo Colleges Employees Giving Back means that many important community based social services will be sustained by United Way of San Antonio and  Bexar County, the arts and cultural events will be supported by theFund, and deserving students will have access to education funded through the Alamo Colleges Foundation.

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Employees FAQs

I have a donation – what should I do with it?

Please call Alamo Colleges Foundation office at (210) 485-0044 to schedule a time for pick up or delivery. Please bring all donations to our office on the second floor of the Koehler House at 310 W. Ashby (next to Temple Beth-El). All checks should be made payable to Alamo Colleges Foundation, and the specific fund noted in the memo section.

Where do I find a Donation Form?

You can download

  • Donation-Forms-Gifts-In-Kinds
  • IRS Form - 8283
  • Donation Form - Monetary Gifts
A colleague of mine has passed, how can I donate in his/her name?

 An Alamo Colleges Employee Tributees Scholarship Fund has been established to honor the lives of our colleagues and friends. To make a donation, please contact Alamo Colleges Foundation Executive Director.


Tell me about the Employee Giving Campaign

Alamo Colleges Employees Giving Back runs annually during the Fall semester, and offers employees the chance to contribute to scholarships and programs within Alamo Colleges Foundation, to local health and human service organizations of United Way and to theArtsFund to support arts and culture organizations in San Antonio.


Note: employees may make donations to Alamo Colleges Foundation anytime during the year, but only the gifts given through the Employee Giving Campaign are counted within the campaign.

I want to hold a raffle or solicit for door prizes

To comply with IRS and state gaming regulations, Alamo Colleges Foundation will not accept funds raised through games of chance (i.e., raffles), nor can our 501 (c)(3) certificate be used to solicit for door prizes.

May I solicit Alamo Colleges employees for donations to my personal charity interest?

No, because there are state regulations of when and how employees may be solicited. As a district resource, email blasts are prohibited. Additionally, Board of Trustees Procedure D.2.4.2 Conflict of Interest also prohibits an employee from using District property, time, personnel, etc. for personal gain.

Note: Each year, Alamo Colleges Foundation submits a minute order to the Board of Trustees asking for approval to opt out of the State Employees Campaign in order to hold our own Employee Giving Campaign.

May I solicit non-employees for an Alamo Colleges scholarship or program?

Only with advance approval. Send your inquiry to Alamo Colleges Foundation Executive Director Jim Eskin at jeskin@alamo.edu or call (210) 485-0047.

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