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What is a digital badge?


The Alamo Colleges District enhances students' global learning experiences through digital badges, a type of micro-credential earned by demonstrating competency in a marketable skill.

The Office of International Programs offers all Alamo Colleges students the opportunity to prove to future employers the acquisition of global competencies by participating in approved global learning experiences and completing a Canvas module.

What is a pathway?

  • A pathway is an illustrated and specific learning journey.
  • The Alamo Global Learner Pathway is a flexible route that leads the learner forward through the quest of becoming a global citizen through the acquisition of in-demand marketable skills for a global and interconnected workplace environment.
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Why does being globally competent matter?

Employers are looking to hire Alamo Colleges graduates with a global mindset:

"We value diverse backgrounds and well-rounded candidates, so any international, multicultural or global skills would be heavily considered in our review process"


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What competencies will I earn through this pathway?

Global & Cultural Awareness

1. Frameworks

Knowledge of interconnections between local and global issues and events.

2. Self-Awareness

Understanding one's own and others' cultural norms and expectations.

3. Contemporary Context

Understanding of global dynamics by continuous learning and reflecting.

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Global & Cultural Perspective

1. Empathy

Collaborate with people from diverse cultures with understanding, respect, and compassion.

2. Curiosity

Use global and cultural perspectives to problem solve.

3. Communication

Adapt to intercultural social or working settings.

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Global & Cultural Engagement

1. Diversity

A deep understanding of a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in local and global contexts.

2. Openness

Open, appropriate, and effective intercultural interactions.

3. Social & Personal Responsibility 

A sense of local and global social responsibility.

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How does the Global Learner Pathway look? 

Global Learner Pathway

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How can I earn global learner digital badges?

1. Participate in approved global learning experiences: study abroad, AlamoCOIL, Global Learning Courses, GENIE, and other global learning activities.

2. The Office of International Programs will reach out to you and invite you to join a Canvas course. According to the cornerstone badge you can earn, you will complete a course module.
*In case our office does not contact you, please reach out to Isabel Breuer at

3. Once you submit and pass the assessments on Canvas, you will be rewarded with a digital badge. Now, you can share your badges on social media, LinkedIn, or your resume to show future employers that you have the skills needed to succeed!


What are students saying about global marketable skills?

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Why does being globally competent matter?

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Digital Badges

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