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The Alamo Colleges District Office of International Programs is committed to providing opportunities to experience diverse cultural perspectives and develop global competence.

The mission of the Office of International Programs is to serve and support our students, faculty, staff, community, and international partners by fostering international education activities and events, and state-of-the-art workforce training. We strive to strengthen the relevance and value of international education to enhance the internationalization of the Colleges.

Global Learning Initiatives

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International Students


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Study Abroad

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Global Learning Courses

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Virtual Exchanges (COIL)

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Global Engagement Network for International Education (GENIE)


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International Training and Development

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Alamo Global Learner Pathway Digital Badges

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Alamo Global Student Distinction 


The Alamo Global Challange 

Alamo Global Competence

Based on the latest tendencies and research in global learning, the Office of International Programs developed the Alamo Global Competencies that summarize all a globally competent student will demonstrate:

Global Awareness
  • Knowledge of interconnections between local and global issues and events.
  • Understanding one’s own and others cultural norms and expectations.
  • Understanding of global dynamics by continuous learning and reflection.
Global Perspective
  • Collaborate with people from diverse cultures with understanding, respect, and compassion.
  • Use global and cultural perspectives to problem solve.
  • Adapt to intercultural social or working settings.
Global Engagement
  • A deep understanding of a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in local and global contexts.
  • Open, appropriate, and effective intercultural interactions.
  • A sense of local and global social responsibility.

Message from Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores

Greetings on behalf of the Alamo Colleges District. I am pleased you are interested in our globally recognized international education programs. The information on this website is your starting point to explore all that we offer in the field of international education. Collaboration is one of the Alamo Colleges District’s most treasured values, and the Office of International Programs has taken this value around the globe with its many programs including training and academic partnerships with educational institutions, recruiting efforts to attract students from other countries, and education abroad opportunities for our current students.

The Office of International Programs also develops collaborations that benefit our local business partners. From hosting international delegates to partnering on cultural exchanges, our industry partners are integral in helping us improve international relations and business. I invite you to discover why Alamo Colleges District is recognized as a leader in international education and the many opportunities we offer.


Global Learning Champions

The Office of International Programs is grateful for the support and commitment of faculty, staff, and community partners who serve as advisors concerning global learning and best practices. These true champions help us create synergies and better serve our student population by growing our reach and providing feedback to improve our offer.

International Faculty Committee


International Executive Advisory Committee 


Working Group for the Internationalization of the Curriculum


Office of International Programs

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