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Faculty Working Group for Curriculum Internationalization supports district-wide faculty and staff with the internationalization process of their academic course(s) and assists faculty members with enhancing their curriculum with approved Alamo Global Learning Competencies. They are available to offer guidance to participating faculty during the internationalization process and make sure the course(s) possess the required global components to award the Global Learning Designation.

Some of their essential duties are:

  1. Review and provide feedback during the internationalization process by addressing faculty questions and concerns and providing effective and timely feedback on application packages.
  2. Review the application packets from applying faculty to verify the use of Alamo Global Learning Outcomes in their curriculum, rubric, and assignments.
  3. Recommend courses for the Global Learning Designation in Curriculog.



Brenya Buchalski.png

Brenya Buchalski,  NVC

Alba De Leon.png

Alba De Leon, PAC

Brad Chandler.png

Brad Chandler, PAC


Kelli Wilder, SPC

Irene Young - Stanford Fellow.png

Irene Young, SPC

Michele Maldonado.png

Michele Maldonado, NLC


Migdalia Garcia, NVC


Jose Luis Moreno, SAC

Elizabeth Plummer.png

Elizabeth Plummer, DIS


Scott D’Amico, NLC