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  • Knowledge of interconnections between local and global issues and events
  • Understanding one's own and other's cultural norms and expectations
  • Understanding global dynamics through continuous learning and reflection


  • Collaborate with people from diverse cultures with understanding, respect, and compassion
  • Use global and cultural perspectives to problem solve
  • Adapt to intercultural social or work settings

  • Engagement:
    A deep understanding of a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in local and global contexts
  • Open, appropriate, and effective intercultural interactions
  • A sense of local and global social responsibility


IoC Research Library

This web page contains a range of journal articles, papers, and websites that provide examples of how IoC can be incorporated into the formal and informal curricula. There are also papers here that present strategies for developing intercultural competence in our students.

Global Learning Worksheet

Before working with the content, you will need to plan what you expect your students to learn as a result of the changes you want to make. Global learning outcomes should address the cognitive, affective, and behavioral domains of student learning in-addition to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a global learner. Using the worksheet, decide how you want to internationalize your course. You can enhance the existing SLOs by adding key words or expand upon the existing SLO by adding global performance indicators.

To help fill in the gaps, two of our working group members, Professors Brenya Buchalski and Alba De Leon, recorded a video discussing the processes of approval and how they enhanced their curriculum with Global Learning in their classes.

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Sample Global Competencies, Activities, & Assessments by Discipline

As you begin selecting your Global Learning Outcome and activities, we have gathered examples of international problems, critical issues, and global competency's and organized them by discipline.
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