Institutional Research and Effectiveness Services

The Institutional Research and Effectiveness Services Department works with college-based Institutional Research Offices to support performance measurement throughout the district.

Our mission is to "collect, compile, analyze and provide data in support of district-wide decision making, policy construction, and resource allocation."

Our department seeks to provide data accurately and in a timely fashion to support your work. We welcome your data and research requests and look forward to serving your needs.


  • Daily Enrollment Status Report
  • Grade Distribution by student populations and demographics.
  • Average Class Size by Term
  • Full-time Student Equivalents
  • Demographic Student Profiles
  • Full-time/Part-time faculty ratios
  • Key Performance Indicator and Benchmark Report
  • High Risk Courses
  • Degrees and Awards by demographics, type of award, and program
  • Graduation rates by demographics
  • Factbook
  • High School Market Penetration
  • Service Area Zip Code Maps
  • Community College Survey of Student Engagement Benchmark Data
  • Noel- Levitz Survey Data
  • Student data for District Budget Development
  • Dual Credit Enrollment Data




The Factbook is a compendium of data and trend analyses on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the operation of the Alamo Colleges. Its contents are designed to inform its readers and answer the most frequently asked questions about Alamo Colleges. 

It should be noted that some data presented in this publication may differ from data found in other College or District reports. Such variances are attributed to differences in information sources, the date reports were generated, or the reporting period included in the report.


Full-Time and Part-Time Status Fall

Student Ethnicity and Gender

Pell Grant by Fiscal Year


Developmental Education

FTIC Testing in Developmental Education - Referred

FTIC Testing in Devlopmental Education - Enrolled


Annual Headcount Unduplicated

Annual Semester Credit Hours

Headcount Fall by Location

Headcount Fall by Owner

Headcount Spring by Location

Headcount Spring by Owner

Headcount Distant Education by Location

Market Penetration


Faculty and Staff

Staffing Summary

Measures of Student Success

CCSSE Benchmarks

CCSSE Satisfaction

CCSSE Would Recommend

Degrees Awarded by Fiscal Year

Degrees Awarded by Type

Graduate Status - Academic

Graduate Status Technical

Graduation Rates

Licensure and Certification

Persistence Fall to Fall: Full-Time

Persistence Fall to Fall: Part-Time

Persistence Fall to Spring: Full-Time

Persistence Fall to Spring: Part-Time

Transfer to Texas Senior Institution(THECB)

Transfer to Texas Senior Institution(NSC)

Within Term Retention - Fall