Student Information

We enrollment to all future international students wanting to study in the United States.

Our district hosts over 450 international students from about 70 countries each year.

Students receive take courses in the arts and sciences. These courses transfer to four-year universities or to the workforce.

Admission Types 

International Student: I-20

International Student: I-20

(Future international students and international transfer students)

  • International students who are in their home country and wish to apply for the F-1 visa and would like for one of the Alamo Colleges to issue the Form I-20
  • An international student who is already on an F-1 visa and attending a college/university or language school and wish to transfer their I-20 to one of the Alamo Colleges
  • An international student who is currently on another non-immigrant visa who wishes to submit a "Change of Status" from current visa to the F-1 visa and is requesting one of the Alamo Colleges to issue the Form I-20.

How to Apply

1. Admission Application for Alamo Colleges
  • Decide which of the Alamo Colleges you want to attend
  • Log on to ApplyTexas
  • Complete the online application  to one of the five Alamo Colleges
  • Write your ApplyTexas application number on your I-20 application 
2. Complete the I-20 application
3. Verify your ability to attend college for at least one academic year (see Financial Resources for details)
  • Provide an official bank letter less than 60 days old
    • Estimated cost of attendance per student per academic year is $24,358
  • Verify available funds for dependents
    • Estimated cost per dependent is $5,000
  • Do not include bank statements
  • Include your Affidavit of Support
  • Include the Dependent Form, if applicable
  • Provide a copy of your dependent’s passport name page, if applicable
4. Submit your most recent official academic transcript from high school
5. Submit TOEFL or IELTS scores
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores are required for enrollment
    • TOEFL score: 500
    • iBT TOEFL score: 61
    • IELTS score: 5.0
  • ESL students do not required TOEFL or IELTS scores  
6. Attach a copy of your passport and a passport-size photo to your application
7. Read and sign the statement of understanding that is included in the I-20 application packet
8. Enclose a $100 non-refundable processing fee
    • Funds must be in U.S. dollars only
    • Attach cashier’s check or money orders to your application 
    • For credit card payments, visit the 
Virtual Business Office
    • Alamo Colleges Market Place (select “click here”)
    • Select Alamo Colleges International Services
    • Select International Application Fee
    • Print receipt and attach copy   
9. Mail the completed and signed application and all required documents to:
Alamo Colleges
International Programs
201 Sheridan Street
Building C, Room 7
San Antonio, TX 78204
International Student: Concurrent or Transient
International Student: Concurrent or Transient

(F-1 Concurrent or transient students)

  • International student who is currently on an F-1 visa thru a college or university and would like to take one or two classes at one of the Alamo Colleges
  • Your I-20 will still remain issued by your current college or university
  • A transient student is one who will only be attending one of the Alamo Colleges during summer, your I-20 will remain issued by your current college or university.
International Student: Other Visas
International Student: Other Visas

(International students with other visa types)

  • You are currently under a non-immigrant visa other than an F-1 student visa, such as HB1 or J1 etc.,
  • You do not wish to submit a "Change of Status' to an F-1 visa (no Form I-20 issued)
  • Alamo Colleges will verify your non-immigrant visa allow for study in the U.S.

Admission Requirements

Students applying for admission to any of the Alamo Colleges must provide an official transcript from a high school or college.

International students who attended a high school or college in a country other than the United States must have a transcript translated and evaluated by an organization that meets the quality guidelines endorsed by the National Association of Credential Services  (NACES). 

Students need only one application for all of the Alamo Colleges.

Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines 

(Only for International Students requesting I-20)  

New International Students:

  • Deadline for Fall Semester (August): May 15
  • Deadline for Spring Semester (January): October 15

International Transfer Students

  • Deadline for Fall Semester (August): July 1
  • Deadline for Spring Semester (January): December 1

International Student applying as Concurrent/Transient and Other Visas please visit the registration calendars for deadlines.