Community Work-Study (CWS) Student Information

Preparing Students for Careers

The Alamo Colleges District CWS Program provides federal financial aid eligible students the opportunity to work part-time at a 501(c)3 non-profit or governmental agencies or at public school districts that serve the public interest. These positions bridge the gap between the classroom and real-world knowledge, develop your career and academic interests, and may increase your commitment to participate in positive social change.

CWS offers numerous benefits for students, you:

  • have the opportunity to gain relevant career experience
  • may acquire additional clarity on your career choice
  • will see the community’s needs and contribute to the welfare of others
  • can make contacts with professionals who can help you later when seeking a job or an internship
  • will build your resume to include work experience that is related to your field of study
  • improve your job prospects after graduation

To determine if you are ELIGIBLE and TO APPLY, see the FAQs below. 

If you do not find a CWS position that aligns with or is related to your major, you can apply for a Private Work-Study (PWS) Program job.


How do I see the CWS jobs available and what are the steps TO APPLY?
  1. Go to (ACES login required)
  2. Click on Work-Study and Internship Opportunities, under Position Type select Community Work-Study and review the postings that end in CWS
  3. Select two positions that interest you. Ideally, that are aligned with your field of study (major)
  4. Create or reformat your resume in this required format: CWS.PWS Resume 2022
  5. Send your resume (as a WORD doc) and three job choices with zip code and name of employers to
  6. When you have completed the Human Resources process and your resume is reviewed (and edited as needed), it will be forwarded to the two employers you selected.
  7. You will be notified when your resume has been sent to the employers
  8. The agencies will contact you directly to schedule an interview once they review your resume. It is the agency’s discretion to offer an interview
How do I become ELIGIBLE for a CWS job?
  • Be eligible for Federal College Work-Study
  • Submit a Work-Study Application, the application for Spring 2022 opens January 4, 2022, and closes on March 4, 2022.
  • Remain enrolled in a minimum of six college hours, three hours at your home college, all of which must be required for your degree plan
  • Complete the Alamo Colleges District HR Hiring process (you will be emailed by the Alamo Colleges Human Resources Department); Failure to respond promptly to HR or submit incomplete requested information will delay your hiring process.
How is CWS different from on–campus work-study?
  • Workplace etiquette, professionalism, and appropriate dress is expected
  • Agencies, generally understaffed, depend on your reliability and consistency with your regular work schedule
  • You will be required to attend Orientation (4 hours, paid) at the end of the first month you are employed, and the End-of-Semester Debrief (2 hours, paid) at the end of each semester
What is the CWS Calendar?

CWS students may begin working on the first day of class through the last day of class each semester.

What is my commitment and how will I be paid?

When you accept a CWS job, you are committing to remaining with the employer for a minimum of one semester. Your position can be extended if the employer invites you to remain with them for the next semester.

You will determine your weekly schedule with your supervisor on the first day of work. The employer is required to work around your class schedule.

You will work up to 19 hours per week at the same pay rate ($13.75) as on-campus work-study students.

You will be paid on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

What type of positions are available through the CWS Program?

The following is a brief list of the over 250 positions available through the CWS program.

Accounting Assistant
Afterschool Program Assistant
Animal Care Receptionist
Archival Assistant
Business Administration Intern
Child Development Teacher
Community Kitchen Intern
Data and Records Assistant
Mental Health Assistant

Farmers Market Assistant
Finance Assistant
Garden Worker
Graphic Designer
Health Clinic Assistant
Hospital Community Liaison
HR Specialist
IT Specialist
Library Assistant

Marketing Associate
Media Intern
Radio Production Intern
Real Estate Leasing Assistant
Social Service Worker
STEM Club Assistant
Theater Scenic Assistant
Theater Box Office Attendant
Wellness Center Assistant
Youth Group Facilitator

Go to (ACES login required) to see the complete listing of CWS positions.

Click on Work-Study and Internship Opportunities, under Position Type select Community Work-Study and review the postings that end in CWS.

What community agencies provide these work-study opportunities?

Below is a list of some of the agencies that are eager to hire Alamo Colleges District work-study students.

American Indians of Texas
American Volkssport Association
Any Baby Can of SA
Catholic Charities Services
Children's Bereavement Center
Chromosome 18 Registry
City of SA Public Library
City of Universal City

Communities in Schools
Daughters Of Charity Services
Down Syndrome Association
Family Service Association, Inc.
Girls Inc. of SA
Good Samaritan Community Svs
Methodist Healthcare Ministries
Mexican American Unity Council
Mitchell Lake Audubon Center

Playhouse SA
SA FoodBank
SA Lighthouse for the Blind
SA Works
San Antonio CAN High School
University Health System

Go to (ACES login required) to see the complete listing of CWS employers.

Click on Work-Study and Internship Opportunities, under Position Type select Community Work-Study and review the postings that end in CWS.

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