Devyn Maguire


Devyn Maguire is a visionary leader dedicated to transforming education through AI and human-centered design innovation. As the Director of Academic Innovation and Strategies at Packback, Devyn has partnered with secondary and post-secondary institutions for over five years to implement AI technology that fosters student engagement and maximizes learning outcomes. Packback, an AI writing tutor for every student and an AI grading assistant for every instructor is used by over 1,000,000 students and 600 colleges and universities. The platform helps reduce DFW rates in gateway courses by providing students with live, instant feedback on their critical thinking skills as they write.

Devyn is passionate about using AI and analytics to create learning experiences that are accessible, effective, and equitable. Beginning her career as an educator, Devyn experienced firsthand the impact technology can have on transforming students' lives and improving instructional practices. She has also supported IRB studies that evaluate the impact of AI on student persistence at institutions such as Miami Dade College, Ivy Tech Community College, and SUNY.


Keynote Address:  Noon - 1pm

Fostering Connections in the AI Era:
The Enduring Role of Human Interaction in Higher Education

Delve into the world of Instructional Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications in higher education. Devyn will discuss how AI is transforming teaching, learning, and student engagement, emphasizing its potential as a force for positive change. Attendees will gain insights into innovative AI solutions and real-world use cases that empower educators and institutions.

Breakout Session:

Fostering Connections in the AI Era:
Let's Connect!

This interactive session is your chance to engage in an intimate setting and explore the tailored applications of AI in your specific educational context. Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate with your peers.