Alamo Colleges To Provide Scholarships For Current Codeup Students

January 5, 2024

DSO Communications

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The Alamo Colleges District will offer scholarships to its UpSkill/Career Academy starting today to currently enrolled Codeup students following its sudden closure last week.  

Interested Codeup students can visit this link to request six-month access to the online, on-demand courses. Proof of recent enrollment at Codeup will be required.   

Students may pursue one or more professional certificates in 30 careers including front-end developer, data analyst, data scientist and IT project manager. In addition, the district will also provide a dedicated Enrollment Coach to support each former Codeup student. 

“The Alamo Colleges is proud to be able to make this offer to Codeup students through our UpSkill program,” said Dr. Mike Flores, Alamo Colleges District Chancellor. “We have invested in our micro-credentialing infrastructure for moments like these when students need a quality, on-demand learning experience.” 

The Alamo Colleges District through its partnership with Coursera -- a global online learning platform -- provides accessible, affordable, on-demand online courses which can stack into a professional certificate. 

These courses can prepare students for a new career in a high-growth field and can also help workers upskill and reskill quickly based on completing work weekly according to course suggestions. Students will be able to complete the career training at their own pace, at any time, and entirely online. Most students can complete the training in less than six months while working a full-time job. 

For those Codeup students seeking an instructor led experience, they are invited to explore programs listed here