Nominations for Excellence in Teaching Awards

Date: April 8–30, 2024

Location: Northwest Vista College

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Students, please take the time to recognize your best instructor by nominating him/her for the Excellence in Teaching Awards

We know you are all busy as the semester moves along, but we are asking you for a few minutes of your time. If you have an instructor that you feel has done a truly exceptional job in teaching, please nominate him/her for the Excellence in Teaching Awards (form will be available on Monday, April 8, 2024).

Excellence in Teaching Awards (image)These awards are important because:

  • They allow Northwest Vista College to showcase these instructors as premier models of commitment to excellence, serving as motivational sources for other faculty to emulate as they continue to aspire to impact student learning through high-quality teaching;
  • They significantly help an instructor’s career through students’ affirmations that he/she is doing a superior job in teaching; and,
  • Nominating a faculty allows you a unique opportunity to thank an instructor for sharing his/her expertise and for a job well done.

Completion of the Excellence in Teaching Awards nomination form takes a few short minutes, but we ask that you take a minute longer to provide comments as to why you believe your instructor merits receiving the award.  Students may only vote for one instructor per semester, and the names of students submitting nominations will be held in strict confidence. 

To nominate a NVC instructor who has made a difference in your education, use the following link (form will be available on Monday, April 8, 2024).

Click Here for the Nomination Form!

DEADLINE: Nominations will be accepted through Friday, May 3, for the Spring 2024 semester