Process and Guidelines

NVC Student Activity Fee Process

The following are the Student Activities Fee process for the expenditure of Student Activity Fee Funds, as approved by the Student Services Fee Advisory Committee (SSFAC).

Step 1: Student Services Fees Advisory Committee (SSFAC) The SSFAC Chair  will recommend to the President's Cabinet, the appointment of 5 student primaries and up to 4 student alternates from amongst the elected officers of the NVC recognized student clubs and organizations. The SSFAC Chair will also recommend to the President's Cabinet, the appointment of 4 to 5 faculty/staff members to serve on the committee.  They may serve multiple terms at the discretion of the President's Cabinet.

Step 2: Submission of proposed budget to SSFAC Committee The Student Life Department will submit an operational budget proposal to the SSFAC no later than March. The SSFAC team will meet/communication monthly regarding funding request and budgets.

Step 3: SSFAC committee recommendations The SSFAC will review and approve as needed.  The SSFAC committee may make recommendations, however they shall not exceed a 10% allocation change from the current year to the next year for each Operational funding area. If the committee strongly believes (has evidence) that a change of more than 10% (increase or decrease) is needed, the committee shall process the recommendation through both the Director of Student Life and the Vice President of Student Success. (ACCD 015501 FN Regulation)

Step 4: Submission of proposed budget to President's Cabinet Director of Student Life and the Vice President of Student Success will present the final requested budget to the President's Cabinet. The President's Cabinet will then submit the approved budget to District. Actual Budgets are not finalized until October due to the fiscal year and registration.

Step 5: Supplemental/Discretionary funding Discretionary funding set aside for  last minute request.  However, these requests must be submitted no later than a month in advance to allow for processing and for the committee to meet and make a decision if monies may be lent out in part or full.  This funding will be used on a first come first serve basis. All requests must be submitted through the online Request form located on the Student Life homepage.


Any person/organization who wishes to submit an appeal will have to proceed as follows:

  • If appealing the decision of SSFAC committee, an email with an explanation for appeal will need to be sent to the Vice President of Student Success. Please CC the Director of Student Life.   
  • If appealing the decision of the Vice President of Student Success, an email with an explanation for appeal will need to be sent to the College President. Please CC the Vice President of Student Success and the Director of Student Life.


NVC Student Activity Fee Guidelines:

The following areas are Operating Fund Categories:

  • Tools, furniture and Equipment
  • Travel
  • Employee Development
  • Student Activities
  • Health and Hospital Services
  • Intramural Sports/Recreational Activities
  • Student Leadership Programs
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Refreshment and Catering
  • Support Personnel
  • Reserved Funds for NVC department requests
  • Reserved Funds/Rollover for potential decrease in enrollments
  • Supplementary funds for requests throughout the year

(Any Operating Fund Category that exceeds $20,000 will have a breakout provided to the SSFAC and President's Cabinet) 

Texas Education Code

As defined by Texas Education Code, Title 3, Subtitle A, Chapter 54, Subchapter E, Section 54.503, "student services" means activities which are separate and apart from the regularly scheduled academic functions of the institution and directly involve or benefit students, including textbook rentals, recreational activities, health and hospital services, medical services, intramural and intercollegiate athletics, artists and lecture series, cultural entertainment series, debating and oratorical activities, student publications, student government, the student fee advisory committee, student transportation services other than services under Sections 54.504, 54.511, 54.512, and 54.513 of this code, and any other student activities and services specifically authorized and approved by the governing board of the institution of higher education. The term does not include services for which a fee is charged under another section of this code.

All money collected as student services fees shall be reserved and accounted for in an account or accounts kept separate and apart from educational and general funds of the institution and shall be used only for the support of student services.


Examples of what may be funded

  • Fees and reasonable expenses for speakers, lecturers, bands, and other performing artists
  • Cultural and/or entertainment, programs, and activities
  • Intramural sports and recreational events, programs and activities
  • Health and medical services and related events, programs and activities
  • Rental equipment and facilities required for events, programs and activities
  • Advertising and publicity for events, programs and activities
  • Student travel/transportation for professional development
  • Student awards and recognition programs and events
  • Student government/ student organizations’ sponsored event/activities
  • Administration of the Student Services Fee Program
  • Student publications and communications
  • Student stipends


Examples of what may not be funded

  • Events, programs and activities which do not directly involve or benefit students
  • Events, programs and activities which are part of the regularly scheduled academic functions of the institution
  • Events, programs and activities which include or otherwise promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substance
  • Student travel that is a requirement for attaining college credit
  • Any commitments made (i.e. contracts signed or out-of-pocket expenditures), prior to requested/approved funding
  • Donations to support philanthropic or charitable organizations
  • Community service projects which should be financed by fund-raising efforts
  • Events, programs and activities planned for the personal benefit of individual students or groups
  • Donations to support, oppose, or sponsor political activities or candidates for public office


NVC requires the following in regard to the expenditure of fee funds:

  1. Anyone who is not a classified NVC employee cannot obligate the college financially. This means that students are not authorized to purchase equipment or services. Students may purchase petty cash items if authorized by the organization’s advisor, who must be a classified staff employee of NVC.  (Student assistants are not classified staff). Likewise, students are not authorized to negotiate contracts, bid for services, hire student employees or conduct any financial transactions involving fee funds or other College funds beyond petty cash transactions. 
  2. All transactions, including the purchase of goods, student travel, consultants, and contracts, must follow regular ACCD procedures and policies applicable to fee funds.
  3. Student organizations must follow all rules and regulations related to Student Fee Usage Guidelines. Any organization collecting monies through dues, sale of goods, donations, etc., other than through the Student Activity Fee Allocation Process, must open and maintain a bank account in the name of the student organization and run all of the non-fee money through the account. Only current officers of the organization are allowed to perform transactions on the account.
  4. Any student organization wishing to receive funds from the SSFAC must be a registered student organization.
  5. Fee funds are not to be used for academic departmental costs, such as office supplies, equipment, staff, or faculty.
  6. Each student organization must have a staff or faculty advisor. This is, in effect, required for expenditures, as a student is not authorized to obligate financially or approve purchases without the approval of an NVC employee. This advisor must approve all expenditures and is responsible for adhering to these policies and other applicable policies.  They must also complete the appropriate trainings prior to having an account created for their club/organization.
  7. Reimbursement for meal expenses for travel under an approved travel requisition that follows the Alamo College Fiscal Affairs travel guidelines.


More Information:

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