International Students

STEP 1: Find your AlamoINSTITUTE

Start your application process by visiting the AlamoINSTITUTES career exploration tool to view different programs and career paths offered at each of the colleges of the Alamo Colleges District.

STEP 2: Apply for Admission

Step 2: Apply for Admission Submit your application for admissions at for any one of our colleges: Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, Palo Alto College, St. Philip's College, and San Antonio College.

Use Ready– Set- Apply to guide you through the steps.

Please allow 5 days for processing.

STEP 3: Log in to ACES

ACES is the online center for all your student information. You will be able to register for classes, review your financial aid, and pay your tuition. Visit to log in.

Find your information on logging in on the ACES page. If you have issues, please contact the helpdesk using the numbers listed on ACES.

STEP 4: International Students Supplemental Applications

Alamo College District defines an international student as a student who is in the United States on non-immigrant visa or plans to apply for a student visa (F-1). There are three types of international students, one who is requesting an initial I-20 for F-1 visa or is transferring their I-20, one who has an active I-20 from another university or college and wish to concurrently enroll, or one who has an active non-immigrant visa that allows visa holder to study in the United States.

International Student Application Types:

International Student:  I-20

International students who are in their home country and wish to apply for the F-1 visa and would like for one of the Alamo Colleges to issue the Form I-20

International student who are already on an F-1 visa and attending a college/university or language school and wish to transfer their I-20 to one of the Alamo Colleges

International student who is currently on another non-immigrant visa who wishes to submit a “Change of Status” from current visa to the F-1 visa and is requesting one of the Alamo Colleges to issue the Form I-20.

Provide the following to the International Student Services Offices

  • International: I-20 Application Form (print/complete/return)
  • Required Financial Statements-to meet cost of attendance ($24,358 U.S. Dollars)
  • Official transcripts from high school and/or college
  • Original transcripts-submit to International Student Services
  • Translated by American Translators Association a nd evaluated by an organization that meets the quality guidelines endorsed by the National Associate of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES)
  • Proof of English Proficiency (determined by your  ESOL course level)
  • Proof of English Proficiency (not required for ESL Program)
  • TOEFL score: 500
  • iBT TOEFL score: 61
  • IELTS score: 5.5
  • ESL Program
  • You will take a test to determine your level of English proficiency
  • This test will be scheduled once you obtain your visa
  • Please arrive in San Antonio two weeks before classes begin to schedule your test
  • Attach a photo ID
  • Complete the Statement of Understanding
  • Processing Fee
  • $100.00 US Dollars (non-refundable)
  • Cashier check or money order made payable to Alamo Colleges (attach to application)
  • For online credit card payments, visitVirtual Business Office
  • Under Alamo Colleges Market Mall select “Paying for one of the above? Click Here”
  • Select Alamo Colleges International Services
  • Select International Application Fee
  • Print receipt and mail copy with the international application

International Student:  Concurrent or Transient

International student who is currently on an F-1 visa thru a college or university and would like to take one or two classes at one of the Alamo Colleges

Your I-20 will still remain issued by your current college or university

A transient student is one who will only be attending one of the Alamo Colleges during summer your I-20 will remain issued by your current college or university.

International Student: Other Visas

You are currently under a non-immigrant visa other than an F-1 student visa, such as HB1 or J1 etc.,

You do not wish to submit a “Change of Status’ to an F-1 visa (no Form I-20 issued)

Alamo Colleges will verify your non-immigrant visa allow for study in the U.S.

Application Deadline (Only for International Students requesting I-20)  

New International Students:

  • Deadline for  fall  semester (August): May 15
  • Deadline for  spring  semester (January): October 15

International Transfer Students

  • Deadline for fall Semester (August): July 1
  • Deadline for spring Semester (January): December 1

International Student applying as Concurrent/Transient and Other Visas please visit Calendars for current Registration/Payment Calendar for deadlines.

STEP 5: Turn in Shot Records

All students age 22 and younger must submit proof of the Bacterial Meningitis vaccination.

STEP 6: Complete Go FAARR & Test Prep Modules

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities with Go FAARR.

Get ready for your TSI Placement test with Test Prep.

STEP 7: Sign up for Orientation

Celebrate your transition to college! Learn more about your college programs and services at New Student Orientation (NSO).

STEP 8: Register and Pay for classes

All first-time credit students are required to complete new student orientation prior to registration for classes. All AlamoENROLL steps 1 - 9 and any holds must be fulfilled to be eligible to register.  Once you are cleared to register, an online registration guide is available to assist you with the process.

·  To see how much you need to pay, view your Account Summary through ACES /MyPage Tab / My Account  

·  Tuition bills will not be mailed

·       Registration and payment deadlines are available online.  

      Payment Options  

    • Financial Aid Award
    • Payment Plan  in installments  
    • Payment by credit card or check must be made online  through your ACES account
    • Cash payments can be made in person at the Bursar / Business Office of your college

Payment in full or by installments must be made by the payment deadlines or you will be dropped from your classes.  

Note: All Alamo Colleges' students pay a Campus Access Fee which also covers parking at any of the Alamo Colleges' campuses, off-site locations or district offices.  No sticker or decal is distributed.  For students, the fee of $25 per semester is included when you pay your tuition and fees each semester, with the maximum fee paid not to exceed $50 per year.  

STEP 9: Start Smart

Attend Class

Attending classes and participating in them helps you make better grades and meet your goals. Your first week of class, especially the first day, provides you with important information for the rest of the semester. The Alamo Colleges District requires regular and punctual attendance in all classes. Your absences are recorded immediately and can even impact your eligibility for financial aid.

  • If you  DO NOT  attend on the  FIRST DAY  of each class in which you are enrolled, you may be  DROPPED  from the class
  • Waivers may be available; contact your instructor prior to the first class session.  

Get Your Textbooks and Supplies

Students enrolled in Texas public colleges and universities have a number of options (purchase, rent, borrow) to access their required and recommended instructional materials for classes.  By publishing the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and new and used pricing, the Alamo Colleges District provides transparency in textbook purchasing by allowing students to know prices in advance and to search for better prices. NOTE: Contact the instructional department if the textbook information is not available for your class.

   View Required & Recommended Instructional Materials
Course Schedule   Visit in Person  

Alamo Colleges Online

 Click on View Book Information below the course name in the class schedule   Stop by your Alamo College bookstore or any area textbook store for a list of required and recommended materials.    Go to the online bookstore and enter your Alamo College to create a customized textbook list using your course information. 

Student ID Card

Obtain your free Student ID card in person at any college during new student orientation or at the Admissions & Records Office. You can use your ID card to access on-campus services and receive local discounts.

  • Full payment of tuition and fees or a payment plan is required
  • Bring an official photo ID for identification.
  • Student ID cards cannot be mailed.

VIA Bus Passes 
The Campus Access Fee covers the cost of a Via Bus Pass available at the campus business office only. A valid student ID card is required to obtain a bus pass.