Cancellations of Your Awards

If you have a change in plans and need to request a cancellation of your financial aid awards at the Alamo Colleges, you may submit a request to our Student Financial Aid office using the form below.

Only in certain situations will our office reduce or cancel your financial aid awards without your request in the event that your eligible maximum award limit has been exceeded. Learn more about this process below.


Financial Aid Cancellation Request 

Students may submit this form to request a cancelation of any or all of their Alamo Colleges financial aid awards. 
  • Cancellation of your financial aid does not withdraw you from your classes or relieve you of the responsibility of repaying any remaining balances owed to Alamo Colleges.
  • Cancellation does not automatically transfer your financial aid to a new college/university. 


2023-2024 Financial Aid Cancellation Form


Overaward Changes

The Student Financial Aid office will automatically correct what is referred to as an "overaward" when the total amount of your financial aid awarded either:

  • Exceeds your Cost of Attendance (your maximum award limit) 
  • Exceeds your total allowable amount of need based awards (these are awarded based on a student's specific EFC and includes grants, scholarships, subsidized loans, and certain benefits)

Federal regulations require that overawards be corrected at the time they occur. If an overaward needs to be resolved, it could result in your awards being decreased or cancelled. Any financial aid that was paid to you as a refund, and then pulled back due to the overaward, will need to be paid back to the Alamo Colleges Business office.