Overcoming roadblocks to pursue your online education

July 30, 2019

Starting your education journey is a big deal and will likely alter your life in many positive ways. Still, it can feel overwhelming and sometimes frightening to take the first step.

Life grows busier, and more obligations fill your plate, and then the litany of reasons not to go to college grows longer and longer.

Below are some common thoughts that can keep students from taking the first step. For every “roadblock,” we provide valid reasons why you should take the leap of faith and act now.

“I don’t have the time.”

Starting a fully online degree program at the Alamo Colleges is a simple process that can be completed in small steps. For example, once you enroll, you can take one class at a time. Many students, like Rolanda Montenegro—a full-time executive director for a non-profit organization—find that taking online courses also allows for a high degree of flexibility in “when” she completes assignments or quizzes. In a fully online certificate or degree program, students aren’t required to be “online” at specified times and can choose where and when to complete assignments. For example, you can complete your coursework before breakfast, after a shift or once the children are asleep. Although your studies will require time, online learning grants you more control over how you balance your learning with your other life demands.


Whatever your schedule is, you can pretty much fit [your class] to where it will work for you.

Rolanda Montenegro, San Antonio College online graduate

Watch: Rolanda shares her online experience at SAC

 “It’s too expensive.”

Attending college in person or online is a financial investment; however, at the Alamo Colleges, the fully online programs and course offerings are less expensive than programs offered online by other colleges and universities in the region. With the tuition rate for all Bexar County residents at a low $99 per credit hour and the new E-rate of $170 per credit hour for in-state students outside of Bexar County taking fully online courses, the Alamo Colleges continue to provide exceptional value to students. Once enrolled, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about financial assistance programs, scholarships, and other financial options. In addition, it’s near impossible to put a price on the academic and career-inspired experiences that you will have as a student in one of our fully online programs.

 “It’s too late.”

It is never too late to pursue higher education. Each student follows a unique path and chooses his or her ideal time to advance. Part of the beauty of fully online courses and degree programs is that they allow you, the student, to compete with only yourself. You work remotely, pacing yourself in a way that suits you, and then engage with instructors and other students via discussions, technology, and videos. And, you complete all your coursework on your own time, fitting assignments into your personal schedule. Many students of all ages enroll in the Alamo Colleges and reap the professional benefits of our specialized and affordable programs. Now is the perfect time to earn your degree and arm yourself with the skills to succeed in the changing workforce post-COVID.

 “I am overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.”

The enrollment process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. The AlamoONLINE website is easy to navigate and the best place to start is alamo.edu/online/students. This page guides you step-by-step through the enrollment process. In addition to the online resources, we have full-time Enrollment Coaches who are eager to support you. Call today!

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