Faculty-Student Mentoring

Mentoring helps you become the best version of yourself.

Each of our five colleges offers a Faculty-Student Mentoring program for students to build relationships with and receive guidance from faculty members, including career aspirations and personal growth.

Learn more about the program for your home college.

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"The Faculty-student mentoring program is truly life-changing. This program has played a pivotal role in my college experience and has become a crucial turning point that entirely altered my life."

- Megan Davis, NVC student-mentee testimonial


Benefits of Mentoring

















Learn how to get started

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Don't miss out on this opportunity to make lasting relationships and find growth in your professional career.

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"My mentor has been helpful and cares about me and my future. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you have someone always in your corner rooting for you and helping you work through challenges you may be facing.”

- Justine Truitt, NLC student-mentee testimonial


"“My mentor guides me to make the right choices in my college journey and life. They motivate and reassure me that I can accomplish things even when I feel that I can't.”

- Celia E., NLC student-mentee testimonial


Hear from other students like you

artboards-thank-my-mentor-enough.png "I can’t thank my mentor enough..."
“This experience is affecting me and my family very positively. My kids say they’re excited about college if there are nice professors and mentors like Dr. Prasad to help them achieve their dream jobs. I can’t thank my mentor enough.” – Anonymous, NVC student mentee

"...the program was really helpful."
"I have been going through a lot in college and life, and having someone to speak about what I need for this semester to work for me was really helpful.” - Anonymous, PAC student mentee

artboards-renewed-sense-of-purpose.png “I have a renewed sense of purpose…”
“My roots will be planted confidently and steadfastly in the time my mentor invested in me. As my teaching journey begins, I have a renewed sense of purpose and a true belief in what I have to offer to the world.” - Brent H., SPC student mentee
artboards-mentor-went-above-and-beyond.png "My mentor went above and beyond..."
"My mentor has gone above and beyond to help me succeed. In the first few weeks, I realized what kind of teacher I wanted to be and who I would remember as a role model to emulate.”- Anonymous, PAC student mentee
artboards-sense-of-belonging-and-learning.png "...it enhanced belonging and learning."
"The program provided an opportunity to form multiple student bonds, enhancing belonging and  personalized learning.” - Haetham Abdul-Razaq, Ph.D., Ed.D., - NVC Faculty-student mentor
artboards-focus-on-career-and-future.png "They focus on my career and future..."
“I like the one-on-one discussions that focus on my career and future. Dr. Bakdash as my professor and mentor is very knowledge in my desired career field and I believe she will help me gather adequate resources needed to attain my goals.” - Anonymous, NVC student mentee
artboards-dreams-come-true-sooner.png "My dreams came true sooner."
“My mentor, Dr. Catie, is amazing. Thanks to her guidance, my dreams came true sooner than I imagined. I hope this program expands so more students can enjoy the same benefits.” – Anonymous, NVC student mentee