Grade and Transcript Policies

For any questions regarding policies and procedures for Transfer and Former Students, contact the Vista Central: Welcome & Admissions Center. 


Grades Acceptable for Transfer

To meet degree requirements, only those courses in which a “D” or better has been earned may be applied toward a certificate or degree, and only those technical courses in which a “C” or better has been earned may be applied to meet the requirements in the academic plan.  Please note that while a "D" may be acceptable for degree completion, it may not satisfy prerequisite requirements (often a "C" or better is required). Please speak with a Certified Advisor for questions. 


Full Academic History Disclosure

Transfer students are not at liberty to disregard any part of their past collegiate record and apply for admission on a partial college record or solely on the basis of a high school record. 


Academic Probation and Dismissal

Students who have been placed on an academic probation or warning, either with the Alamo Colleges District or another institution, may still be able to take courses at NVC.

Students who have been placed on academic dismissal, withdrawal, or suspension, either with the Alamo Colleges District or another institution, will have to complete a petition process prior to being eligible to register for courses.

The dismissal process is completed with the Academic Standards Team, and the dismissal petition packet must be completed and submitted online. Questions about Academic Dismissal should be directed to the Academic Standards Team.

View the Academic Dismissal Process


Comparing Courses at Two Different Institutions

The Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) may be used to compare courses at two different institutions within the state of Texas to check for equivalences. Please note that this list should not be interpreted as an official evaluation or guarantee that credits will transfer.

Visit the TCCNS website


Transferring Courses from Accredited Institutions

Credit may be transferred to NVC from colleges and universities accredited by recognized accreditation associations. See below for a complete list of these agencies.

Credit from institutions not regionally accredited by one of the associations is not accepted by NVC.

Traditional classroom instruction and credit by examination are the basis on which transferred credit is recognized. Transfer credit may meet graduation requirements if it is equivalent to NVC's courses.