Creative & Communication Arts

September 24, 2020


For those who enjoy designing and creating, the Alamo Colleges offers unique opportunities in the Creative and Communication Arts Institute to prepare you for a career in writing and publishing, designing, producing, or even performing. Given the rapid advancement of technology, it’s likely that careers blending communication with technology will continue to expand, opening more opportunities for web design and web publishing. Additionally, this field lends itself to remote jobs related to online content creation, web-based businesses, and revenue-generating blogs.

If I want an education that prepares me for a career in Creative and Communication Arts, what online program would I study at the Alamo Colleges?

If you are drawn to use your creative communication skills, then you could select:

  • Web & Mobile Applications certificate at NVC
  • Web Designer skills award at NVC
  • Communications field of study at SPC

If you plan on transferring to a 4-year institution, then you can select these from a list of over 40 fully online Transfer Advising Guides (TAGs) offered at the Alamo Colleges:

  • Design, Media, and Technology Studies at SPC
  • Communication Studies at NLC and SPC

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