Alamo Way: Always Inspire, Always Improve

The Alamo Way is the Board of Trustees established policy (B.9.1) that defines the top three priorities of the Alamo Colleges: Student Success, Principle-Centered Leadership, and Performance Excellence.

These priorities are also the three strategic objectives of the Alamo Colleges strategic plan. 

Student Success

Student Success

Principle-Centered Leadership

Principle-Centered Leadership

Performance Excellence

Performance Excellence

Strategic Objective I: Student Success

Provide academic and student support and align labor market-based pathways with a focus on student access, completion, and social mobility.

  • Identify, improve, and fund processes, instructional programs, and services designed to promote student success. 

  • Strengthen the approaches to outreach and onboarding to eliminate barriers to enrollment and accelerate students’ progress toward their academic and career goals. 

  • Increase performance (retention, engagement, graduation, transfer, and job placement) of all students through development and improvement of our student resources and advocacy supports.

  • Increase overall student performance by closing performance gaps between ethnic/racial, gender and socioeconomic groups.

  • Define, align, assess, and improve student learning outcomes/competencies for all academic and workforce programs.
Strategic Objective II: Principle-Centered Leadership

Provide opportunities for Alamo Colleges District students and employees to develop as leaders and collaborators.

  • Incorporate personal and social responsibility, global citizenship, critical thinking, and life-long learning as the framework of principle-centered leadership into the culture of the Alamo Colleges District.

  • Build talent and empower all employees to improve collaboration and teamwork in support of the student success agenda.

  • Build and foster a robust internal and external communication system with students, employees, and community to improve collaboration, teamwork, partnership and trust.
Strategic Objective III: Performance Excellence

Continuously improve our student, employee, financial, technological, physical and other capabilities with focus on effectiveness, efficiency, agility and quality.

  • Utilize the MyMAP framework to improve the overall student experience to accelerate students' progress toward their academic and career goals through the integration of advising and academic support and engagement processes and systems.

  • Improve the overall employee experience to accelerate employees’ level of engagement, satisfaction, and performance.

  • Ensure sound financial management with emphasis on cost containment.

  • Maximize the purchase and use of technology to support student and employee success.

  • Develop an agile system of workforce innovation and intelligent risk taking through a shared
    contribution to data, action, value, and organizational success.