Register for Classes

Once admitted to one of the Alamo Colleges, students can sign up for classes completely online using the registration tool in ACES. To access:

  1. Log in to ACES at
  2. Navigate to the Student tab
  3. Click the “Register Here” graphic

Using this online tool, students can:

  • Prepare for registration
  • Synchronize existing degree plans
  • View past schedules
  • Browse classes and the course catalog
  • Register for classes

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Instructional Methods

As the Alamo Colleges continues its return to on-site operations, students will see various instructional methods offered when signing up for classes. Understand the type of class you’re signing up for by reviewing the definitions below.

Online/Fully Distance Education Course

This form of instruction does not occur at a specific day or time, otherwise known as “asynchronous” learning. At least 85% of this instruction is delivered online* via Canvas and additional online tools, which allows students to learn on their own time. There may be a face-to-face component such as orientation, laboratory, exam review, or an in-person test, which would be communicated by the instructor.

Remote Synchronous

Remote synchronous instruction takes place 100% online at scheduled class days and times.* It offers the benefits of face-to-face instruction while maximizing social distancing efforts. Remote instruction takes place via Zoom, Canvas, and additional online tools.

Face-to-Face (F2F)

Face-to-face indicates that instructors and students are in the same physical location at the same time. These courses meet for on-campus instruction at least 50% of the time.* There may be some remote elements to these courses.

Hybrid/Blended Course

These courses include both remote synchronous and face-to-face instruction. In these courses, 50-85% of instruction is remote synchronous.*

*In the registration tool, click on the course title to view exact details about that course’s instructional method.