Aaron Robles finds a third chance at his degree with AlamoONLINE

September 27, 2022

After facing some setbacks, Aaron Robles found himself ready to start a new life for himself and his daughter. For several years he worked a challenging schedule that included long night shifts. His demanding schedule and financial insecurity challenged his plans to provide his family with a safe, stable home.

Aaron thought about returning to college but hesitated, as he had failed in his first two attempts. He recalls feeling unprepared and overwhelmed; he eventually stopped attending his classes.

He convinced himself he would take college more seriously if given another chance.

But how would he overcome academic probation and return to continue where he left off with his degree?

With the encouragement of a family friend, who was teaching at the time, Aaron found the reassurance he needed to help him retain class information. However, finding out he was capable enough was just the first step.

He decided to enroll in online courses at Northeast Lakeview College to pursue his degree and began working with academic advisor Caitlin Evans.

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Aaron not only credits Caitlin for helping him register but also for discovering AlamoONLINE and his success in getting out of academic probation.

“Caitlin was instrumental in keeping me on track with my class schedule. She tailored my degree plan to provide the flexibility I needed to continue working while attending school.”

Additionally, Aaron created a distraction-free study environment, which transformed his study habits and helped him become a better student. Northeast Lakeview College’s Business Administration program allowed him to tailor his degree plan to focus on his grades and continue to work full-time.

Returning to college was the right choice, as Aaron graduated with an associate degree in May 2022.

“Earning my degree online will allow me to earn more, save more, and someday in the future, purchase a nice, humble home for my daughter and me to live in and have a stable home.”

Aaron believes obtaining his degree will improve his chances of getting a better job; he shares, “Obtaining my degree will provide me with the platform to separate myself from other candidates pursuing a job within the finance field.”

He plans to attend Texas A&M at Corpus Christi to complete his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, expand his opportunities in the field, and increase his chances of landing a high-paying job.

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