Returning to college a decade later? Read how students are making their comeback with AlamoONLINE.

February 12, 2024

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Picture this — a decade out of school, and you have a big career opportunity in your sights. However, your once-sharp set of skills needs refreshing. You need a degree program that’s affordable and can fit your schedule. Where do you start?

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This was the story for San Antonio College alumnus Jake Gillit, who put his college plans on hold for almost 10 years to move up from his then-current job to company chief finance officer(CFO). He grew to learn that he needed a new insight into the business world.

He searched for a degree program covering finances, leadership, and marketing. Two years later, he earned an associate degree in business management online. How’d he do it? One step at a time.

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Establish an end goal

For the past decade, Jake’s focus had been on his family and his job at his father's auto equipment and maintenance store. However, for Jake to advance in his career, he needed a business degree to level up his expertise. While he weighed his options, Jake opted for an online associate's degree in Business Management at San Antonio College with AlamoONLINE.

Find a program that fits

This allowed him to earn a degree on his terms while balancing full-time work and family responsibilities. It was the right fit for his schedule, molding around life’s demands. “I could manage my workload per semester and complete my coursework on my own time, whether after work or after the kids go to bed,” noted Jake.

Set realistic expectations

Navigating his college journey, Jake learned the importance of setting realistic expectations. Starting slowly, with two classes at a time, he gradually found his footing again. His advice to others — take your time. “Later, you can adjust the workload to your preferences. If you feel ready, speed up your course load and take flex courses. You make it work for you.”

Take advantage of resources

As a sole provider for his family, Jake’s advisors pointed him to resources that helped him worry less about costs and focus more on his studies. "With AlamoONLINE, there weren't any hidden costs for book rentals because they're already included in tuition," he highlighted. "Also, take advantage of Pell grants. These were a saving grace for me."

Gain the courage to start again

Jake proudly graduated from San Antonio College with his associate degree in Business Management in May 2023.

While his journey may not fit the conventional image of a college student, what sets Jake apart is his boldness in taking that first step and his belief in finding success.

"I wouldn’t change a thing about my journey. I've had 10 years to build real-world experience. I’ve met different people, learned through my mistakes, and through it all, I felt more ready to start school again."

Today, Jake manages all business aspects of three retail equipment and maintenance store locations in Texas, including San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. He’s currently working toward becoming CFO and considering pursuing his bachelor's degree at a local university.


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