Become a champion online learner with these 5 tips from a recent graduate.

January 23, 2024

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Online learning doesn’t have to be a task. With a few tips from graduates like Ta'laya, your degree journey can be a success.

High school graduation check. Earn a college degree to secure a next-level job check.

Not too long after receiving her high school diploma, Ta’laya Hunt proudly earned her associate degree in Business Administration from Northeast Lakeview College (NLC).

It was her first time in college, and while juggling a part-time job, online courses, and life’s other demands, she always kept her eyes on the finish line.

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"I felt a sense of responsibility for being a college student,” Ta'laya said. “I pushed myself to complete my work and stayed on top of courses. When I struggled, I found that confidence to reach out for support through my professors and advisors."

So what does it take to be a champion online learner?

Ta’laya shares her best tips on finding balance and success in online courses.

Ace your online courses with Ta'laya's Tips

  1. Log in every day to check your inbox, calendar, or assignments.
  2. Make a to-do list and check it daily before starting and ending class days.
  3. Keep track of your grades. Don’t be afraid to contact the professors or tutors for help or advice.
  4. Get ahead of your assignments if you can.
  5. Study for at least 30 minutes to an hour daily for upcoming quizzes or exams. It helps to retain the information.

Shortly after graduating from NLC, Ta'laya landed a job that she was passionate about. An accomplishment she says she can cross off her checklist.

“I was so happy," Ta'laya adds. “Earning my degree helped me get my foot in the door with this job. I had these new skills and experience but also, my degree shows dedication. I feel my time at the Alamo Colleges paid off.”

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