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Preparing Students for Careers

The Alamo Colleges District PF Employment Program provides eligible students the opportunity to work part-time at a Veteran-Owned business. Public Fellows employers are businesses that seek to generate profit and provide goods and services to paying customers. These positions bridge the gap between the classroom and real-world experience, develop your career and academic interests, and may make you more marketable upon college graduation.

PF employment program offers numerous benefits for students, you:

  • have the opportunity to gain relevant career experience
  • may acquire additional clarity on your career choice
  • will see how a local business operates and fits into the community providing services or products
  • can make contacts with professionals who can help you later when seeking a job or an internship
  • will build your resume to include work experience that is related to your field of study
  • improve your job prospects after graduation

PF employment is available to students in all majors, although there may not always be positions available related to each major.

Applying for a PF position is a competitive process. Employers are looking for students with either some work experience or completed relevant course work, as well as students who are doing well academically, so GPA can be important.

To determine if you are ELIGIBLE and TO APPLY, see the FAQs below.


How do I become ELIGIBLE for a PF job?
  • To begin working during the spring 2022 semester, you must be enrolled in a minimum of six college hours in the spring AND commit to enroll for six hours in summer 2022
  • To begin working in summer 2022, you must be enrolled in a minimum of six college hours
  • Have a 2.0+ GPA
  • You cannot be eligible for college federal work-study
How do I see the PF jobs available?
  1. Go to (ACES login required)
  2. Click on Work-Study and Internship Opportunities, under Position Type select Private Fellows and review the postings that end in PF
  3. Select up to two positions that interest you. The positions must be aligned with your field of study (major)
How do I APPLY for a PF job?

1. Submit a Student Employment Application (between March 28 and June 16, 2022)

Click on:

  • Student Employment
  • Part-time Job Opportunities
  • SEARCH JOBS: Student Ambassador/Community Programs (Job code: 51213)

2. Create or reformat your resume in this required format: PF Resume 2022

3. Write a cover letter for each of the positions you have selected, using this required format: PF Cover Letter 2022

4. Send your resume and cover letter(s) (as a WORD docs) and your unofficial transcript verifying enrollment and GPA to, in one email.

5. Once your resume and cover letter have been reviewed and edited, they will be sent to the employers you selected.

6. You will be notified when your resume and cover letter(s) have been sent to the employers.

7. The employers will contact you directly to schedule an interview upon reviewing your resume and cover letter. It is the employer’s discretion to offer an interview.

8. Upon interviewing and accepting a position, you will go through the Alamo HR hiring process, in which a background check must be completed.

9. Once the HR process is completed, you and the employer will be provided with an official start date.

How is PF different from other student employment programs?
  • Only 43 positions exist, which tends to make them highly competitive. Completion of relevant courses, work experience, and GPA are important considerations.
  • Workplace etiquette, professionalism, and appropriate dress is expected.
  • Employers depend on your reliability and consistency through a regular work schedule.
What is the PF Calendar?

PF students may begin working once Alamo Payroll sets the official start date and may work up to 15 hours per week for 12 weeks. To begin work in spring 2022, you must be enrolled for six hours in spring 2022 and commit to six hours of summer 2022 enrollment. To begin work in the summer, you must be enrolled for six hours during the summer. 

What is my commitment and how will I be paid?

When you accept a PF job, you are committing to remain with the employer for a duration of 12 weeks or 180 hours and must remain enrolled in six hours for the duration of your employment. You will determine your weekly schedule with your supervisor on the first day of work. The employer is required to accommodate your class schedule.

You will work between 10 and 15 hours per week at the pay rate of $13.75.





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