New Student Enrollment

Registro de estudiantes de Nuevo ingreso



Go to and look up San Antonio College under two-year institutions and Southern Regions.

Please make sure you are filling out your application for the correct term and semester! For more information on terms and dates check out this link:


Complete the FAFSA

FAFSA can be found at Completing your FAFSA allows you to receive financial aid in the form of loans, grants, scholarships, and work study. The process will require the W2 of your guardian/s if you are a dependent. This W2 will need to be TWO YEARS PRIOR to the current year.

If you are an incoming high school student, please be sure to make that you have never attended college. If the FAFSA asks you to list colleges attended, leave it blank and click continue. If the site will not let you continue, earlier you marked that you had attended college before. Click reset page.

Completing the FAFSA is typically the most challenging part of this process. If you are having trouble, please reach out to us at the Welcome Center: 210-486-0040


Submit Transcripts

For high school transcripts ask the counselor or career advisor at your school for help. To send a transcript from a previous university please look to your previous institutions website and search for send transcripts.


Get your Vaccine

All students that will take classes physically will need a Bacterial Meningitis vaccine. Students can receive vaccinations for their primary physician. Several clinics and some drug stores also carry the vaccine. Call around to get more information.


  • Go to your ACES account and click “Start Here” on the left side of the screen.
  • In the center, you will see Bacterial Meningitis with a “submit documents” links.
  • To upload, click the link and follow instructions.
  • A cell phone photo of the document will suffice for submission.
  • The submission will cost $10.50.

AlamoENROLL Modules

  • Log in to your access account.
  • Click the “Start Here” tab on the left side of the screen.
  • In the center of the screen you will a series of tasks with either red X’s or green check marks.
  • Click on and complete all tasks until each has a green check mark.


Complete the TSI test. This test is a placement test that allows advisors to place you in the correct courses.

To request accommodations for your TSI Exam, please contact disABILITY Support Services at 210-486-0020 or to schedule an appointment.

The TSI is available to take remotely. The following link can give you more details:




Attend new student orientation.

For more information, times, and schedule please visit this link:


Meeting with an Advisor and Registration

How to schedule future appointments…

• Log in to your ACES Account

• Click on the “Start Here” tab

• Select the “Alamo NAVIGATE” icon

• Click “Login”

• Select the “Appointments” tab on the left-hand side

• Select “Schedule an Appointment”

• Select the Reason for your appointment and hit Next

• Select the Location and hit Next

• Select the Day and Time that works for you and hit Next

Review the selection and confirm your appointment!


To register for or look up classes…

  • go into you ACES account
  • click student.
  • Look for a link that says, “web services”
  • Once you click the link you will be taking to a new page saying main menu.
  • Under main menu is a link for “student”, click that link.
  • At the top will be a link labeled register, click that.


Once under registration you can look up courses, and your possible course schedule. Please be sure to select the correct term by clicking “select term”.