Men of Education

Many students face obstacles in committing to their academic goals, whether it’s starting classes or staying in college. Students often have to balance their education with competing priorities outside of the classroom.

To help our students build a foundation for academic success, San Antonio College created Men of Education (MOE), a program that welcomes them to SAC and helps them succeed.

MOE provides support services to first-time college students, including:

  • Faculty and peer mentoring
  • Academic support
  • Personal development
  • Network of peers
  • Job placement
  • Extracurricular opportunities
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • And more!

New MOE Course!

MOE has launched MOE-EDUC 1300, a cohort of this required freshman seminar course that prepares students for college-level learning. MOE-EDUC 1300 offers a welcoming environment where our students can build on their strengths in a community of peers as they establish a strong foundation for their future. The course is an introduction to academic strategies that help students become effective, efficient learners.

MOE-EDUC provides opportunities for:

  • Research degrees and careers
  • Become comfortable using college-level resources for assignments
  • Learn about navigating the college system
  • Discover the resources available at SAC to meet needs both inside and outside the classroom
  • Join a network of peers, faculty, and staff, all committed to academic success

For more information or to register for MOE-EDUC 1300, email or inform your advisor that you are interested in one of the MOE-EDUC sections.

View the Flyer

In line with SAC’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all, anyone can join MOE regardless of gender identity or expression.