District Staff Senate

The District Staff Senate (DSS) supports the District Support Offices (DSO) and is a member of the Executive Staff Senate (ESS) of the Alamo Colleges. It shares the mission and purpose stated in the ESS constitution.


  • To represent the concerns of classified, professional, part-time, and temporary staff to Alamo Colleges administrators.
  • To address issues that concern the job welfare and job environment of all staff.
  • To serve as a communications link among staff, faculty, and administrators.
  • To conduct studies or surveys regarding matters of concern, as suggested or required.
  • To promote activities conducive to the professional development of all staff.
  • To provide input to the Alamo Colleges policy, budget rules, and regulations for the benefit of staff.

Constitution & Bylaws


This constitution governs the Staff Senates of the Alamo Colleges District as listed below (referred to hereinafter as “Staff Senates”):

  • District Support Offices
  • Northeast Lakeview College
  • Northwest Vista College
  • Palo Alto College
  • St. Philip’s College
  • San Antonio College

Read our Constitution


These bylaws supplement and are subordinate to the Constitution of the Staff Senates of the Alamo Colleges District (hereinafter referred to as the “Constitution”), as required in Article I.D and Article III.J of the Constitution. These Bylaws govern the operations of the District Support Operations Staff Senate (referred to as the District Staff Senate or “DSS”) in any and all respects not covered by the Constitution. Article numbers below refer to the corresponding articles of the Constitution. Issues not addressed in these Bylaws are governed by the Constitution.

District Support Operations Staff Senate Bylaws - Adopted 7.15.2021.pdf





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Join District Staff Senate

The Senate’s primary responsibility is to give voice to the collective interests and concerns of all Alamo Colleges District staff employees. We advocate for career advancement, job welfare, and the overall working environment of all staff.

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Distinguished Employee Award

The Distinguished Employee Award celebrates colleagues who exemplify the Alamo Colleges District Values and honors those who turn good into great. Nominate a fellow DSO employee today!

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District Staff Senate coordinates and engages in a variety of events throughout the year. Several events are annual events hosted by District Staff Senate in addition to fundraising and volunteer efforts.

District Staff Senators

Senate Officers

Yolanda Crooms
Enterprise Reporting
Vice President:

Patricia Ferguson
International Programs

Ruth Pecina
Alamo Colleges Police

Caitlin Garza
IT, Applications & Systems


Katherine Nickas
Economic Workforce Development
Franchesca Velten
Isabel Breuer