Academic/Registration Calendars

Important Dates 2022-2023

The Alamo Colleges District has 16-week semesters in the fall and spring, with shorter sessions offered within the semester to provide a variety of course lengths and start dates.

The summer semester spans 12 weeks and includes several shorter terms that span from three to ten weeks in length.

Summer 2023 Registration & Payment Calendar


2023-2024 Academic Year

Full Academic Year Registration

Beginning with the 2023-2024 academic year, students will be able to register for the entire year – fall, spring and summer – at once. Full Academic Year Registration will open each April.

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2023-2024 Time Ticketing Registration Opens

Currently enrolled students get early access to registration based on their student status or the number of credit hours they have completed.

46+ hours, AlamoPROMISE and Veterans/Active Military

April 3, 2023

31+ hours

April 5, 2023

9+ hours

April 7, 2023

All Students

April 10, 2023 

Fall 2023

Semester dates

Aug. 28-Dec. 16

Parts of term:

One 16-week session
Two 8-week sessions
Three 5-week sessions

Spring 2024

Semester Dates

Jan. 16-May 11

Parts of term:

One 16-week session
Two 8-week sessions
Three 5-week sessions
One 3-week Wintermester session

Summer 2024

Semester Dates

May 13-Aug. 8

Parts of term:

Two 10-week sessions
Three 8-week sessions
Two 5-week sessions
One 3-week Maymester session

Academic Calendars

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