Transfer to TAMU-SA

As part of a shared commitment to student success, the Alamo Colleges District and Texas A&M University-San Antonio (TAMU-SA) have multiple partnerships to make transferring as seamless as possible.

The following opportunities create a collaborative student support network, delivering cost savings and accelerating the time of achieving a bachelor’s degree.

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Students who want to transfer to TAMU-SA can make sure the courses they take at the Alamo Colleges will seamlessly transfer by following a Transfer Advising Guide (TAG).

These guides create a clear path that ensures all classes transfer and count toward the student’s four-year degree program at TAMU-SA.



AlamoPROMISE is a program that fully covers the cost of tuition and required fees for new graduates from participating high schools, seeking an academic certificate or associate degree at one of the five Alamo Colleges.

Promise-to-Promise allows eligible students to start at any of the five Alamo Colleges and then transfer to Texas A&M University-San Antonio’s Jaguar Promise to complete a four-year degree while having educational costs covered at both institutions.

The Promise-to-Promise partnership allows for automatic admission from the Alamo Colleges to Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

Jag Path Program

This program is for first-year students applying to Texas A&M University-San Antonio who may not qualify for direct admission.

Students who accept the Jag Path Program offer are dually accepted to the Alamo Colleges for the fall term without completing an application to the Alamo Colleges.

Jag Bound for Alamo Colleges District students

Alamo Colleges District students who apply during the fall or spring term, have yet to attend another college/university, express their intention to transfer to TAMU-SA by the end of their first term at the Alamo Colleges and enroll in 60 semester credit hours.

Three-tier Transfer

For high school students from identified ISDs who complete dual enrollment with the Alamo Colleges, earn an Associate of Arts in Teaching or an Associate of Arts/Associate of Science, and are admitted to Texas A&M University-San Antonio to finish their Bachelor's Degree in Education, Child Development, or another agreed-upon track.

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Want to learn more?

Students can contact their assigned academic advisor to create their transfer plan.